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This is a promotional video animation of the highly anticipated God Eater developed by Namco Bandai Games. This game was released in Japan on February 4, 2010 and is currently awaiting US release this Q3 of 2010. Said to be similar to Monster Hunter, God Eater difference itself by have a immense storyline and a large cast of characters with voice acting in the single player.

This promo video is about the events preceding the PSP game; provides some insight of the calamity, some of individual characters and how to whole as they know come to form.

Developer(s): Namco Bandai Games Publisher(s): Namco (JP)

                        D3 Publisher (US)

Platform: PlayStation Portable

Note: I had to remove the credits to make it fit into the 10mins limit.

Raw: Translation: Leafboi Encoding: Darkone

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