Эрик Вогельвейд — игровой персонаж сериала God Eater Burst. Впервые появляется, как второстепенный персонаж в God Eater. Является членом богатой семьи Вогельвейд.


During his mission with Soma, he saw the approaching New-Type Recruit and introduced himself. However, Eric let his guard down due to that and was devoured by an Ogretail. After Eric's death, several characters will provide a backstory about him.


Eric der Vogelweid (Age of Death: 17)
Joined the Fenrir Far East Branch in 2069.

KIA (Killed in Action) during the Iron Rain mission in 2071.

Post Rank: Master Sergeant Sniper.

God Arc: Blast (older model/long-distance)


Eric has an overconfident, selfish and prideful personality. Despite this, he is actually good-hearted and looks after his younger sister Erina.


Eric is a punk-looking male character with a white skin, spiky red hair and red eyes, he has tattoos from his chest, shoulders and back. He wears a sunglasses, cherry vest with arm warmers, a black nickers with 2 red pockets and brown laced boots.

Character RelationshipsПравить

  • Mr. Vogelweid - His father. The latter's quotes after Eric's death show he is apparently disappointed, but sad nonetheless.
  • Erina der Vogelweid - His younger sister whom he cared after.
  • Emil von Strasbourg - He was acquainted and a close friend with him at the aristocrat German school.
  • Soma Schicksal - His acquaintance during his last mission.


  • Eric can be recruited after clearing the last Challenge mission in God Eater Burst. Alternatively, Eric can be returned to the team early in the game as Masked Ogre by using the Preorder DLC package which is included with the DLC pack for CFW hosted on this wiki.
  • Eric is proven to be a strong gun man in a battle, supplementing Brendan's comment of him becoming a great god eater, should you talk to him after completing the mission "Iron Rain".
  • His sister, Erina, shares the same gun part of him which is a blue and white variant of Type20 Gat.
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