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Acceleration Trigger is a gameplay mechanic similar to the Blood Rage system from God Eater 2 Rage Burst. Different triggers have different conditions (ex. guard x number of attacks, devour x number of times, etc.) which, when met, grant various buffs (ex. constant HP regen, increased melee damage, etc.) Accel Triggers can be triggered indefinitely. Players must strive to achieve these conditions in order to have an advantage when fighting strong Aragami.


Acceleration Trigger
A combat system developed by Baran and improved be Keith. By fulfilling a specific condition during battle, the power of a God Eater's Oracle Cells is released. This has been called an Oracle Cell subjective stimulation system.

When activated, the power in a God Arc's internal boosters is amplified, creating a feedback loop between body and God Arc that immediately raises both their abilities.

% Analyzed
Activating an acceleration trigger will raise its % Analyzed. When this reaches 100%, it will improve the effect or develop new acceleration trigger effects.

Activating acceleration triggers in fights against strong foes will gather more useful data, increasing the rate that % Analyzed builds, while fighting weaker foes will cause it to raise more slowly.

List of Acceleration Triggers