Aisha Gauche is a minor character in God Eater Burst. She is the deceased mother of Soma Schicksal and the Head of the Managarm Project.


Aisha was one of the founding members of the Fenrir organization, and "the foremost authority on Aragami research", according to NORN. She also is the deceased wife of the Fenrir Far East Branch Director, Johannes von Schicksal, and the mother of Soma Schicksal. She volunteered to be the test subject for her Managarm project which ended in failure, leading to her death and that of all of the members of said project, except of her son, who was born carrying the P73 Bias Factor, and her husband, who happened to have Sakaki's "protective charm" at his hands.


Aisha Gauche (Age of Death: 26)
Deceased. One of the founding members of Fenrir, and the foremost authority on Aragami research.

Served as chief of the Aragami Research Lab, where Dr. Sakaki and Schicksal also worked at the time of Fenrir's launch.

A leading biochemist, it was she who proposed the Managarm Project.

One test involved embedding the bias factor into a human, which she conducted on her own child. The test failed and she ended up losing her life.


In her brief in-game appearance, Aisha appears to be a determined woman. She decided to become her own test subject, which could be called bravery by many.


Aisha was a beautiful dark skinned ethnic woman with black hair and dark brown eyes, normally seen wearing a scientist's coat over a red shirt and an average pair of brown pants. In the scene where she's pregnant of Soma, whether intentionally or not, her skin appears to be shining.

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