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Battle Information

AI Behavior:

  • Average Survivability (High during Burst Mode).
  • Uses Restore Pills when low on Health.
  • Will gather to Player when alone, unless when encountered by enemy.
  • Devours enemy whenever there is a chance.
  • Stops shooting if Players get in the way of her line of fire.
  • Shoots bullets first before melee attacking.
  • Passes bullets to player characters up to 3 times; will more often than not put the player into LV3 Link Burst by herself.
  • Prioritizes Recovery Bullet with enough OP when Players are low on Health.
  • Does not use Impulse Edge.
  • Occasionally shoots condensed Aragami Bullets.

Confirmed Skills:

  • (B) Recovery Bullet
  • (B) Link-Aid Boost
  • (B) Firm Stand
  • Dexterous
  • Health ↑ M
  • Burst Duration ↑
  • Stamina ↑ L
  • Item Usage Speed ↑
  • Rescue Recovery ↑
  • Expand Guard Area


Bullets Recipe
  • Blaze: S-Type short-ranged Double Impact Shot.
  • Freeze: S-Type short-ranged Double Impact Shot.
  • Spark: S-Type short-ranged Double Impact Shot.
  • Divine: S-Type short-ranged Double Impact Shot.
  • Blaze: M-Type short-ranged Double Impact Shot.
  • Freeze: M-Type short-ranged Double Impact Shot.
  • Spark: M-Type short-ranged Double Impact Shot.
  • Divine: M-Type short-ranged Double Impact Shot.
  • Recovery: All-angle guidance homing Shot.

Consumable Items:

Pic Item Quantity Condition for Use
Icons Heal.png
Restore Pill II x10 When health is below 50%
Icons Heal.png
Restore Pill S x5 When health is below 50%
Icons Grenade.png
Stun Grenade [GE2 Only] X1 After administering Link-Aid to a character while surrounded by enemies, or when the player's respawn timer is almost out, and no other NPCs have administered Link Aid

Blood Arts: Sonic Caliber [GE2 Only]

Alisa's Blood art .jpg

God Arc Information

Blade Shield Gun
01 Avenger X.jpg
25 raginglore.jpg .jpg
Long Blade Type
Buckler Type
Raging Lore
Assault Type


Gods Eater Burst

Action/State Speech/Line
Start Mission

Let’s go!

Standby (Idle)

Wouldn’t you say that’s shirking your duty?

We need to know what’s going on.

Ranged Get ‘em!
Misfire at Ally

Get out of my way!

I-I’m so sorry!


Got ‘em!

It worked!

Over here!

Burst Release the God Arc!
Aragami Bullet

Hit ‘em!


Get lost!

Aragami Bullet Pass

Take this!

I’m counting on you!


Don’t screw this up, okay?

Nail it!

Link Burst received

Leave it to me.

I’ll get it done.

Self Heal Successful I’ll make it.
Recovery Bullet Here’s a Recovery Bullet!
After Stun Grenade Now!
Out of OP Reloading!
Out of Items No items!

Thank you.

I’m sorry.

Status Effect

Wha... what?

What a bother...


Can’t be...


Daddy... Mommy...

Ally Incapacitated

No way!

How dare you!

We gotta regroup!

Head to Link Aid

I’ll go!

Please wait for me!

Link Aid Given

Can you stand?

Please don’t slow me down.

Come on!

Link Aid Taken

I... I’m sorry.


I... I appreciate it.

You saved me.


I can’t believe this.

I won’t quit!

Action: Attract

I’ll do it!

Leave this to me!

Action: Fight Along

Let’s see what you can do.

I’ll back you up!

Action: Follow

Don’t wonder about!

I’m coming too!

Action: Search

I’ll search for the enemy!

Action: Gather

I’ll be right there.

I’ll join you later.

Respond to Command Understood.
Perform: Search

I’ll go search.

Search for the enemy.

Perform: Disperse


Perform: Converge We’re moving, right?
Perform: Gather

Are we meeting later?

I’ll join you later.

Gather Successful

Sorry to keep you.

Thanks for waiting!

Action Failed Ugh... no good.
Tough Battle-1

I can’t believe this struggle!

So tough!

Tough Battle-2 (Out of time)

Please don’t dawdle!

We gotta do it fast or...!

Dying Enemy

We can beat this thing!

I think we can beat it!

Go on, finish it off!

Let’s finish them off!

Unbound Cells

I’m not done with you yet!

We did it!

Destroyed (Easy Kill)


Moving obstacles!

Mission Cleared (General)

Mission cleared, right?

Mission cleared. Good job!

Mission Cleared: Easy

That was an easy victory.

That was a breeze, wasn’t it?

Mission Cleared: Tough

I never trained for this...

I can’t die just yet.

Standby After Mission Clear (Idle)

Please don’t be lazy.

Don’t let your guard down ‘til the end.

Mission Failed

N... No way!

Let’s retreat!

Mission Failed (Incapacitated)


I still don’t have enough power...

God Eater 2
Not Yet Available