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Amen Ra is an Ash Aragami with a purple body that looks to fuse a bird’s head with a celestial globe and human, a divine counterpart to the fiery Ra. It carries celestial fire balls in both hands and burns anyone who approaches it to ashes. It usually moves while floating along leisurely, but when it finds a target, it uses the boosters on its back to rush forward and swoop down on its enemy. Unlike its other Ra counterparts, Amen Ra tends to teleport as often as when it is in Burst Mode, making it the most unpredictable out of all the Ra species. Amen Ra can also summon a clone that will have the exact copy of movesets its real counterpart has minus the devour attack. Amen Ra’s devour ability changes the celestial fire balls it carries in both hands into a devour form before throwing them at its target. However, it also has an extra set of maw suns that is used for its second stage of the devour attack, charging towards a chosen target with its suns in front of it. When it enters the Burst state, all of its energy amplifies, it wears wings of celestial fire, and it can fire even stronger celestial flames.
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God Eater 3

An Ash Aragami that threatens to plunge all into the abyss with its blazing purple suns.

Encountered near the Level 3 Restricted Ash Zone: Old City. A crimson horn thought to be made of highly concentrated crystal stands atop its head as a symbol of the exceptional energy it possesses. It has been observed to clone itself by concentrating its energy into its suns. Due to the great amount of energy expended in this process, is is believed that destroying the clone will trigger a severe reaction in the original that can be exploited.

-Summary of Activated Abilities/Devour Attacks

Different from the Ashborn Ra, this Aragami wields four suns. It has been observed to use devour attacks, and is even harder to dodge than its Ashborn cousin. Keep on your toes when engaging.

Breakable Bonds:

Head/Arms/Geothermic Kiln

Additional Information

Music Theme

  • Nemesis


  • Amen Ra is released in patch 1.20.
  • Amen Ra is first encountered in Certification Mission 20 and doesn't appear in any story missions. A far stronger Amen Ra can be encountered at Certification Mission 30, where its attack power is enough to instantly incapacitate God Eaters in a single attack, even with Base Rank 7 Gear. Amen Ra also appears in Certification Mission 49 along with its cousin Ra and also in two Time Attack missions and one Crimson Ashland mission. This makes a total of 6 missions with Amen Ra in it, making it one of the least encountered Aragami in God Eater 3.
  • Its species name, "Ra", is based on the Egyptian deity of the same name, the God of the Sun. Ra was often described to have a falcon's head and he ferried over the Sun.
  • Amen Ra is the only Ashborn to have the ability to clone itself.
  • Amen Ra is the only Ash Aragami that inflicts the Jammed debuff.
  • Amen Ra is the only member of the Ra family that has a different behavior in its normal mode as it teleports much more often in comparison to the other Ra variants.
  • Other than color changes, Amen Ra has a horn on its head, which is only exclusive to it as other Ra variants don’t have a horn.
  • Amen Ra shares the same theme song with its other counterparts.
  • Amen Ra shares the trait from its other relatives of not having any weakspots in its normal mode. The other Ashborn family that shares the same trait as the Dromi family. This only applies to the real Amen Ra as its clone has weakspots all over its body.
  • Amen Ra’s weapons aren’t based on the original Ra sets but the default Ammit Gear instead.
  • The Ra family used to be the Ashborn family with the most variants from the release of certification missions until Ash Storm Anubis was released, having 3 in total.
  • Amen Ra has unique sounds in contrast to other Ra variants when it’s downed or defeated.

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