Amen Ra is an Aragami introduced in God Eater 3

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God Eater 3

An Ash Aragami that threatens to plunge all into the abyss with its blazing purple suns.

Encountered near the Level 3 Restricted Ash Zone: Old City. A crimson horn thought to be made of highly concentrated crystal stands atop its head as a symbol of the exceptional energy it possesses. It has been observed to clone itself by concentrating its energy into its suns. Due to the great amount of energy expended in this process, is is believed that destroying the clone will trigger a severe reaction in the original that can be exploited.

-Summary of Activated Abilities/Devour Attacks

Different from the Ashborn Ra, this Aragami wields four suns. It has been observed to use devour attacks, and is even harder to dodge than its Ashborn cousin. Keep on your toes when engaging.

Breakable Bonds:

Head/Arms/Geothermic Kiln

Additional Information

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