Ameno Havakiri is an Aragami introduced in God Eater 3

Norn Database

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God Eater 3

A Havakiri that looks as if it has clad itself in ebony armor. The cracks running along its body are thought to be caused by its massive energy. There are reports that the Havakiri evolved by devouring a large number of Spark element Aragami, but it is unknown whether this is true. The leading view is that an external factor such as a natural disaster caused mutation. In terms of both attack power and mobility, it greatly surpasses the normal Havakiri. Its sharp, unexpected slash attacks resemble lightning strikes.

-Summary of Activated Abilities
The generator organ in its booster goes out of control, increasing both its attack power and mobility. It can transform itself completely into electricity and attack from blind spots.

Breakable Bonds: Head/Arm Blades/Booster

Additional Information

Ameno Havakiri was added in patch 1.30

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