Annette Koenig (Anett Koenig, in Japanese version) is a character that appears in God Eater Burst, God Eater Resurrection and God Eater Resonant Ops.


Transferred from the Fenrir German branch and assigned to the 2nd Unit, she is one of the New-Type God Eaters.

Sometime after the GER storyline, she is transferred to the German unit ‘König’.


God Eater Burst

Annette Koenig (16)
Joined Fenrir Germany Branch in 2071.

Transferred to Fenrir Far East Branch later.

She has strong physical strength even without her powers as a New-Type, but because of her focus on attack, she tends to neglect defense.

God Arc: Buster Blade Assault (New-Type/Variable)

God Eater 2

Annette Koenig (19 y.o.)
Joined the Fenrir German Branch in 2071.
Born: August2, Height: 163 cm

Wields a self-designed hammer-shaped Buster Blade. The sheer power of the blows she delivers with it have earned her the nickname "The Berlin Breaker." Although her style is heavy on the offense, she truly understands the value of defensive combat. Her desire to protect has earned her admiration from many. Once belonged to the Far East 2nd Unit.

God Arc: 2nd-Generation Buster Blade/Assault Gun


Annette is strong and willing to learn anything.  She, like Federico, expresses her lack of experience as she mentions the Far East's locations as 'real battlefields' compared to her branch in Germany.

She is keenly focused on offense and forgoes defense as opposed to Federico Caruso.


Anneette has reddish brown eyes and blonde hair. She wears a blue coat with a white shirt underneath and blue length socks with matching rubber shoes.

Character Relationships


  • Annette's Buster Blade hammer has the Hold S skill, so there's a chance that Aragami will be afflicted with Hold upon being hit with it several times.
  • Annette is fully recreatable in the God Eater Resurrection demo as a player character, due to the option to choose eye colors.
  • Her last name means "king" in German.

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