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Blade Attacking Tips:

Short Blade

  • One of the most reliable picks for Anubis due to its quick speed as well as giving you high mobility in terms of movements with air steps being a bonus. It also has some Burst Arts that may increase your mobility, as well as greatly amplifying its damage output.

Recommended Burst Arts:

  • Gale Dance and Heaven and Earth work really well against Anubis due to their high damage output from their weak point damage bonuses when hitting Anubis’ broken bonds.
  • Elemental damage boosting Burst Arts such as Specht and Rising Shock are great choices when using a Divine Short Blade or the Divine Wrath Engage due to their high damage output.
  • Ashura Slash’s repetitive hits can deal great DPS to Anubis, as well as having great OP Absorption to help in making the process of breaking Anubis’ legs quicker.
  • Scwalbe and Whirling Death can help in closing the distance between yourself and Anubis, making it a great selection for agility.
  • Licht Kreuz’s retreat can help in evading attacks while dealing great damage at the same time.
  • Lightning Scourge and Stinging Flare can deal a big amount of DPS against Anubis, especially when it is downed. This helps in making bond breaks quicker.
  • Rampaging Comet can decimate Anubis once one of its bonds is broken.

Long Blade

  • A well balanced weapon that is easy to utilize, making it a viable option for Anubis in terms of survivability. It packs some powerful Burst Arts as well that shouldn’t be underestimated.

Recommended Burst Arts:

  • Swift Slash can take advantage of Anubis’ broken bonds as its weak spot damage bonus can deal a lot of damage to Anubis, mainly when striking its head as slash weapons work best when hitting said spot.
  • Flame of Purgatory can make a short work of Anubis, dealing huge damage to Anubis’ forearms especially when it’s downed. Note that OP conservation is mandatory for effective use for this Burst Art.
  • You can take advantage of Shining Ray’s range and elemental damage bonus to deal a great amount of damage while keeping your distance. This Burst Art works best with Divine Long Blades or the Divine Wrath Engage and like Flame of Purgatory, you need to have a proper OP Conservation for more effective usage of this Burst Art.
  • Spinning Descent is a powerful Burst Art against Anubis due to its very high damage output even if it has no damage bonuses. It can also be used to close in the distance between yourself and Anubis.
  • Sacred Edge works well against Burst Anubis as it deals huge damage to Anubis’ weaker spots. Note that this Burst Art will require the use of Divine Long Blades or the Divine Wrath Engage for maximum effectiveness.
  • High OP Absorbing Burst Arts such as Morning Calm and Whirlwind Sword can make Oracle Based attacks more efficient, the latter mainly useful when paired up with the Impulse Edge Burst Arts such as Flame of Purgatory, Shining Ray and Gunner’s Paradise.
  • Aspara Wings can be a useful pick for linking Spinning Descent to deal loads of damage.

Buster Blade

  • A great damage dealer for its heavy blows against Anubis, despite giving you lower mobility in comparison to most weapons, forcing you to go more into the defensive. It also packs some powerful Burst Arts capable of making the job easier.

Recommended Burst Arts:

  • Riot Swipe is a great choice for its high damage critical hits when hitting Anubis’ broken bonds.
  • Parrying with Anathema can make short work of Anubis, due to its high damage armour piercing.
  • CC Origin can take advantage of Anubis as its longer range can help you in damaging it even further at a not so close range. It can also reach Anubis’ head in Burst Mode, making it viable.
  • Deadly Glide can close in the distance between yourself and Anubis, as well as dealing big damage from its weakpoint bonus.
  • Nemesis’ armour piercing can make breaking bond easier, as well as making short work of Anubis.
  • Dividing Edge’s downed hits can deal massive damage to Anubis.
  • Destruction is a very good choice for its weak point bonuses, making it really useful if Anubis can’t be brought to a downed state easily.

Boost Hammer

  • Boost Hammers pack a monstrous punch to Anubis with its crush damage, as well has having a great mobility from the use of Boost Drives. Its Burst Arts will enhance the weapon greatly, giving it a great power boost.

Recommended Burst Arts:

  • Grand Finale’s downed hits deal massive damage to Anubis, making it an extremely powerful option to use.
  • At full power, Erupting Impact can make short work of Anubis due to its huge damage output. Note that you can use Boost Drive to your advantage if you were to evade Anubis’ attack while hitting it at the same time.
  • Heat Drive can decimate Anubis since you can use Anubis’ body as a wall to keep on hitting its head or forearms with insane damage output.
  • Earthshaker and God Smasher, when paired with a Divine Hammer or the Divine Wrath Engage, works really well against Anubis due to its elemental damage bonus.
  • Aerial Burst Arts such as Stigmata and Chaos Impact are great choices to use against Burst Anubis since their hits have a high chance of hitting Anubis’ weakspots. Note that Chaos Impact works better with a Divine Hammer or the Divine Wrath Engage.
  • Calamity Nova has a great use against Burst Anubis since some of its attacks have wide openings. This works better if you don’t have the aggro since you can focus on attacking Anubis as much as possible. This is mainly useful for breaking Anubis’ legs since they are the most defensive breakable part for melee weapons and that the Burst Art can break through its defenses.

Charge Spear

  • Has the best tools to chase Anubis down and can take advantage of broken rear legs the most out of any weapon, making burst Anubis much safer to attack once the legs are broken. It's burst arts also help greatly in breaking them thanks to multiple armour piercing options.

Recommended Burst Arts:

  • Berserk Crush can be used relatively safely on several of Anubis' attacks such as wave/tornado slam and Imperial shock-wave as long as you know when to defend.
  • Mocking the Gods is a strong but high risk option for both piercing through the rear legs and dealing large amounts of armour piercing damage from a considerable distance.
  • Brave Soul serves great as an enhanced charge glide for closing distance and reaping bonus elemental damage when used with a divine weapon.
  • Spear Requiem and Fallen Tear serve a similar purpose dealing large amounts of damage, especially against a downed Anubis, and setting up fang deployment at close range. Which one you choose is dependent on which charge glide you are willing to replace.
  • Stardust Rain can make a short work of Anubis, mainly when you have Fang Deployment active and when Anubis is downed.
  • Akashic Breaker can be a great chaser on base Anubis with proper aim but shines against burst Anubis where its change in posture makes hitting vulnerable points much easier.
  • Valkrie Glide can take advantage of Anubis' many weak-points once it's bonds are broken and can easily strike the core when Anubis is in Burst.
  • Double threat can close in and strike Anubis' broken bonds for bonus Weak point damage with ease.
  • Ground Zero can be a great asset in breaking the Rear Legs thanks to it's armour piercing and downed damage bonus. It can be used to punish against Anubis' charge after a perfect guard.
  • Deathbringer is another great choice for mobility and dealing damage due to its steerable nature. This Burst Art takes a big advantage of Fang Deployment as the charged hits deal huge damage.

Variant Scythe

  • You can take advantage of Variant Scythe’s long reach using its extended bite as some of Anubis’ attacks can provide you with openings while you are not too far away from it. It also has highly capable Burst Arts that will ensure victory.

Recommended Burst Arts:

  • Reaper’s Call and Hell’s Gate with a Divine Scythe or the Divine Wrath Engage work well against Anubis as they deal high damage to Anubis while having low complexity in terms of usage.
  • Due to having easily accessible weakspots when Anubis’ bonds are broken, Nightmare Reaper can take big advantage of this, dealing high amounts of damage per Cleave Fang.
  • You can carry out chain Vertical Fang combos with Twin Talons while Anubis is open since it cancels out of breath with stamina recovery per hit. This is mainly useful when you are trying to attack Anubis from afar while not worrying about stamina drain.
  • Heaven or Hell can decimate Anubis’ breakable parts due to its high damage armour piercing. Practicing the timing of this Burst Art’s activation is required since it has a small activation window.
  • Inferno Rush is a powerful Burst Art capable of destroying Anubis’ head and forearms pretty quickly, as well as dealing loads of damage per hit.
  • Fanatic’s Scythe works really well against Burst Anubis as you can stay airborne for a longer period of time to hit its weakspots more easily while also dealing very high damage due to its weakpoint damage bonus.
  • Dystopia is a solid choice for dealing damage, especially when Anubis is downed.
  • Bloody Claw and Soul Eater are survivability options that you can use as it absorbs HP upon hit.

Biting Edge

  • Having the quickest speed of all weapons, Biting Edges allows you do deal short bursts of damage while dealing with Anubis’ attacks at the same time. Doing it with Glaive mode deals more damage albeit more risky due to some of the most important moves being locked (E.g. guards, devours) as well as no ST regen. Its Burst Arts help in boosting it in terms of power and agility, which can be used to defeat Anubis.

Recommended Burst Arts:

  • Dagger Dance works really well against normal mode Anubis as you can easily land hits on Anubis’ weakspots once its bonds are broken.
  • Mirage Edge is a great option for agility since you can attack Anubis while evading its attacks at the same time.
  • Halo Assault can make a short work of Anubis when positioned correctly as it deals high amounts of DPS against Anubis’ weakspots.
  • Soaring Sky and Seraphim Edge can help you transition to aerial attacks, which are mainly useful when you’re dealing with Burst Anubis.
  • Phantom Pain is a great choice for its high damage output, as well as evading Anubis’ attacks that don’t reach double jump height.
  • Petal Frenzy works really well against Burst Anubis as you can deal as much damage as possible by hitting its weakspots at a certain height.
  • Dive to Blue is also another great option for dealing damage as well as linking you to ground attacks quickly.
  • Dual Shock’s Downed hits deal high amounts of DPS to Anubis.
  • Angel’s Fall, when equipped with a Divine Biting Edge or the Divine Wrath Engage can deal massive damage to Anubis, especially when its bonds are broken.

Heavy Moon

  • A great option for its easy access as well as having balance between damage and speed. Its Moon Axe form can boost the process with its higher damage but slightly slower speed. It also packs viable Burst Arts to be used to your advantage.

Recommended Burst Arts:

  • Carnage Moon and Supermoon do a great job in dealing high amounts of damage to Anubis’ normal mode due to their easy access to weakspots and also the fact that you don’t have to worry much about finding openings.
  • Fatal Upper can be a useful asset to use against Anubis as it can deal high damage as well as having the ability to transition yourself to airborne attacks. It can also reach Anubis’ weakspots in Burst mode, making it a powerful pick.
  • Roaring Axe Combo takes advantage of some of Anubis’ attacks that has a big enough room for openings as it deals great amounts of damage.
  • Apocalypse Axe’s downed hits deal massive damage to Anubis’ broken bonds. It still deals a great amount of damage when landing on Anubis’ intact bonds.
  • Lunar Orbit and Lunatic Force are aerial options that work really well against Burst Anubis. A Divine Heavy Moon or the Divine Wrath Engage can give a boost Lunar Orbit’s damage while Lunatic Force’s longer airtime period can be used to your advantage as Burst Anubis’ weakspots are easily connectible with aerial attacks.
  • Falling Moon can make a short work of base Anubis, mainly when it is downed. However, it will not share the same glory when fighting Burst Anubis as you’ll most likely hit its tough legs. To prevent that for a long period of time, focus on breaking its legs first.
  • Blade Waltz with a Divine Heavy Moon or the Divine Wrath Engage is a powerful option for dealing damage quickly.

Gun Attacking Tips:

Most of Anubis' bullet resistances are similar across it's parts but each bullet type has an area where they excel:

  • Pierce Bullets deal the most damage when aimed at Anubis' Torso, serving as an additional permanent weak-point for pierce bullets exclusively.
  • Breaking the Rear legs is an effort made much easier with proper bullet use. Once Broken, they serve as an additional weak point for, Slash and Pierce Melee as well as Pierce bullets.
  • Once broken, the forearms have the lowest resistance of any bond to crush bullets. Only The core has less resistance.
  • Custom Bullets that assist in breaking the Rear legs or powerful sources of Crush Damage are recommended.
  • Gunners can take advantage of burst Anubis' low mobility and easy to target weak-points for relatively safe assaults as long as you are careful during Imperial Rain.


  • With solid options for both bullet damage types, Assault can slot in well for any approach.
  • X-Lasers and Chain blasts are both great options against the Rear Legs and Forearms. X-Lasers are better once the Legs are broken but the Chain Blasts can transition into dealing strong bursts of damage to the broken forearm.


  • A strong option that shines when Anubis' Bonds are broken due to Anubis' Abundance of weak-points.
  • Snipers can land critical on the torso, Broken Head and Broken Rear Legs one Standard Anubis and the Core is an easy target in burst. Even if you miss you are likely to hit the torso, which is still a weak-point.
  • Sniper Bombs are best aimed at the broken Forearms to take advantage of the severe crush weak-point.


  • A very strong choice for strong bursts of damage to any bond thanks to it's mobility and strong collection of bullets.
  • Buckshot bullets are very reliable due to Anubis' balanced bullet resistances on most of it's key bonds.
  • Slugs can be used on the Rear Legs and Torso for weak-point damage and Tracker torpedoes can deal great damage to the broken forearms with proper aim.
  • Rush Fire can chase Anubis' Rushing Claws for little to no stamina, setting you up for shots on the Rear legs.


  • Can serve two fairly different approaches by focusing on either Beams or Radials. Both can be incredibly effective with proper aim, especially against Burst Anubis.
  • Anubis' balance of stationary and mobile attacks makes beams a solid choice as long as you can properly react when Anubis tries to Charge or leap at you. Dive Perfect Guards are the best option once mastered as they allow you to maintain fire for slightly longer before cancelling.
  • Beams excel when Anubis is in Burst Mode. Anubis' movement speed is much slower, His core is easy to hit and it's legs are much easier to hit and break, creating a much safer weak point to attack for pierce and slash weapons. Just watch out for Acid Rain and prepare to Dive away if he is about to jump at you.
  • Radials are a great source of raw crush damage to Anubis' broken Forearm.


  • Anubis is weak to Divine and resists everything else.

Status Resistances:

Condition Resistance Increase Duration
Venom 330 +135 20 seconds (4.5% of MAX HP)
Hold 355 +175 7 seconds
Bind 440 +220 20 seconds

Enraged Effects

Rage Indicator

  • Like any other Ashborn, Anubis will emit tiny ash particles while enraged.
  • Anubis will move faster and deal more more damage. It will gain access to Devour Attacks as well.

Unbounding Tips:


  • This is Anubis’ most fragile body part out of all the breakable bonds. Repeatedly attacking its head while it is open can destroy its head in a short period of time. While Anubis is attacking, you can counter the attacks through either evasion or guarding and land more blows


  • The approach to breaking the Forearms is similar to the head. Just attack either of the arms from the front until they break. They are more defensive than the head and Crush/ Pierce damage it more than slash. The arms are most vulnerable to crush Bullets, especially when they break and are also easy targets to shoot.

Rear Legs

  • Breaking the Rear Legs is made significantly easier with bullets, Impulse Edge and Armour piercing Burst Arts. Attacks that put Anubis in front of you such as Imperial charge and Rushing claws or it's stationary projectiles create prime opportunities for easy to land shots. The legs become much easier to hit during Burst and breaking them creates the safest target to attack that doesn't sacrifice much damage (especially for Charge Spear where they become just as vulnerable as the head).

Normal Attacks
  • Push - Anubis moves its head to the left side and does a quick push towards its targets.
  • Quick Claw - Anubis moves its left arm and quickly claws its targets in front of it.
  • Tornado Slam - Anubis slowly raises its right arm and slams it towards the ground, summoning a long-lasting tornado that will follow its chosen target around. At lower health levels, it will summon 2 tornadoes with each slam.
  • Wave Slam - Anubis slowly raises its left arm and slams it to the ground, summoning a three waves that travels for a long distance.
  • Rushing Claws - Anubis raises its right arm as well as tilting its body slightly to the right, before clawing its targets while moving left and right with each claw attack. It usually performs this 2 to 4 times.
  • Quick Slam - Anubis moves its body slightly backwards, before quickly jumping towards its target and carrying out a slam with its left arm. Those who were near the area of the slam will be damaged so beware.
  • Imperial Charge - Anubis prepares itself for a short while before charging forward towards its target. It will do a turn towards its target’s direction to perform a second charge once it’s in lower health levels.
  • Imperial Leap - Anubis does a huge leap beyond reach, aiming to land on the area its target is standing on. Once it finds its landing spot (foretold by it's shadow approaching the ground), it will do a powerful body slam that damages nearby targets. Checking the the mini map after he jumps will help in finding it's target and preparing appropriately.
  • Imperial Shockwave - Anubis tilts its head to the lower right, before letting out a roar that causes a shockwave. Performed when it reaches lower health levels.

Devour Attack

  • Ankh Bite - Anubis’ mouth slowly extends as it prepares itself for the attack. It will chase its chosen target quickly and if its target is not in front of it, it will quickly turn around towards its target’s direction to continue the assault.

Burst Mode Attacks

Anubis will stand up and a golden halo will appear on its back in Burst Mode. Due to its change from being quadrupedal to bipedal, it will have a completely different moveset in contrast to its Normal state, making it more unpredictable to those facing this Ashborn for the first time.

  • Claw Combo - Anubis extends its claws and slashes its targets with it starting from right to left. It will usually perform a 2x to 4x combo.
  • Spinning Claw - Anubis slowly rotates its body to the right while extending its claws before doing one full spin, damaging nearby targets.
  • Infernal Upper - Anubis quickly does an uppercut with its right claw, releasing a small trail of divine energy near it.
  • Ankh Smash - Anubis prepares itself for a huge leap, aiming to land on where its chosen target stands. Once it smashes the ground, black particles will surround it, damaging nearby targets.
  • Imperial Rain - Anubis prepares an energy ball in front of its mouth and unleashes it to the sky, in which it scatters towards the ground in random locations for 15 seconds.
  • Imperial Snipe - Anubis prepares an energy ball in front of its mouth and faces towards its chosen target. It will then unleash an incredibly fast moving beam towards its target, damaging those within the beam’s proximity.
  • Imperial Wrath - Anubis prepares an energy ball in front of its mouth while facing left, unleashing a mouth beam that travels from its left to right. Its range will depend on where its target is standing.
Handling Attacks:


  • Since this is one of Anubis’ quick attacks, stepping to the side is a good way to dodge this attack quickly.
  • Perfect Guarding this attack is also another good way of handling this attack if you have good reflexes. Note that faster shields work better as this is a quick attack.

Quick Claw

  • Doing a backwards step or double jumping do the trick in terms of evasion.
  • Perfect Guarding is an alternate method that can be used. This method is more reliable using faster deploying shields, just like dealing with Anubis’ push.

Tornado Slam

  • The best way to deal with this attack is to perform dive/perfect dive guards as you’ll worry less about the tornado lingering around while disrupting the chances of openings. You can then perform a counterattack measure with triangle aerial attacks to deal extra damage.
  • Burst Arts that take huge advantage of the method above are Short Blade’s Lightning Scourge and Rampaging Comet, Long Blade’s Spinning Descent, Buster Blade’s Nemesis, Boost Hammer’s Lost Memory, Charge Spear’s Stardust Rain, Variant Scythe’s Dystopia, Biting Edge’s Dive to Blue and Phantom Pain, as well as Heavy Moon’s Twilight Moon and Falling Moon.
  • Parrying this attack will get rid of the tornadoes after the slam. This makes Burst Arts like Soulsplitter, Anathema and Adrenaline Rush useful.

Wave Slam

  • As this is one of the attacks that provide you with a big enough opening, you can attack it as much as possible on its right hand side while Anubis’ attack misses.
  • If you are too far away from Anubis, you can either dive quickly to close the distance before it slams its left hand or perform a perfect guard through either deploying your shield or diving towards it once the waves are close enough.
  • You can parry this attack easily, giving a room of usage for Anathema and Soulsplitter.

Rushing Claws

  • You can get a free devour out of this attack if you position yourself correctly. Simply move slightly further away from Anubis and wait until it does its second claw rush. That is when you strike with quick devour.
  • You can also perfect guard the first claw rush to be able to deal with this attack. Both normal or dive guards with the correct timing will do the trick.
  • If Anubis gets too far away after performing this attack, you can switch to your gun and attack it from afar, dealing extra damage to it.

Quick Slam

  • Sidestepping to the left works in evading this attack. Don’t sidestep to the right since Anubis will most likely land a hit on you.
  • Perfect Guarding can work greatly for this attack as this is one of the attacks that are easier to read in terms of movements. (Extra Tip: You can perform a backward step perfect guard , which is an easier way to do perfect guards. The step timing is roughly around the time Anubis jumps)

Imperial Charge

  • Moving to either its left or right side will do the trick, as well as giving you a free room for quick devours. Note that you should stay closer to because if you are too far away, it can do a slight curve to get you. This doesn’t work when Anubis does the charge twice.
  • When Anubis is at low health, you will have to do a sidestep once Anubis turns around and do the quick devour as its second charge passes through you.
  • Guards or Dive Guards can put a stop to Anubis’ charge. Take note that when Anubis is at low health, you’ll have to perform it twice since it will charge twice from the front and the rear. Performing the guards perfectly is recommended since you’ll not take damage from guarding as well as giving you less stamina usage.

Imperial Leap

  • To evade this attack, dive away as the shadow begins to get darker. You can tell where Anubis will land through the map so maps can be useful for dealing with this attack.
  • You can perfect guard this attack, with the guard timing depending on how dark the shadow is depending on each shield type.

Imperial Shockwave

  • Walking away from Anubis or diving away from it is the easy way of evading this attack.
  • Perfect guards are preferred for this attack as you can just attack it almost instantly the moment after you perfect guard. Dive perfect guards are more risky to do since the dome indicator of the shockwave isn’t clear enough.
  • You can parry this attack easily, giving a room of usage for Anathema and Soulsplitter.

Ankh Bite (Devour Attack)

  • When Anubis is preparing for a Devour Attack, Avoid Staying too close in front of it (unless you wanted to perform a point blank Perfect Guard). Immediately distance yourself to avoid its Quick Devour Animation.
  • When it aims for you during its Devour Attack, Keep yourself closely behind it and Dive away before it turns towards you. Keeping yourself in a far distance in front of Anubis when it’s preparing for a Devour Attack will result of is Running after you (Not a Single Leap), Which is more difficult to evade.
  • Sidestepping Anubis’ Devour Attack another good way of dealing with its devour through dodging. This is done by simply standing beside Anubis and do a side step the moment Anubis turns around. You can also get a free quick devour out of it after the evasion.
  • Double Jumping can work too, since Anubis’ Devour Attack doesn’t reach double jump height.
  • Just Guarding the Devour Attack can stop it from continuing its movements from said attack. The easy way to do it is to keep your distance with Anubis and applying the shield timings depending on the shield type. The further you are, the easier for you to time the guard. Just Guarding right in front of its mouth is the harder but more efficient way of doing it, as well as bringing much less of a risk for your allies from getting devoured. This also applies to Dive Just Guards. (You can check out the perfect guard demonstrations in the attack gallery, including the point blank ones)

Claw Combo

  • Quickly going behind it through running or steps can provide you with openings for attacks as Anubis only moves forward as it is attacking.
  • For the daring, you can guard all the claw swings in succession. Get the timings right and you’ll suffer no damage from all the guarding you do. (You can see a demonstration with a Buckler in the attack gallery)
  • Parrying this attack with Parrying Upper is a risky way of dealing with this attack since Anubis can perform more claw strikes than you’ll expect sometimes. Soulsplitter Parries works better as the Parries are near instant.

Spinning Claw

  • Simply keeping your distance from Anubis and attacking it from a far range works well.
  • You can guard the attack if you are focused on attacking it at a short range. If you want to Perfect Guard, be careful as the timing for this attack depends on your ground-based position.
  • This is one of the easier attacks to be parried if you are not standing on Anubis’ right side since it can possess double hitboxes.

Infernal Upper

  • Quickly going to the Anubis’ left hand side is a simple way to evade this attack since it only uses its right claw to perform the attack. Don’t get too close to the center or the attack will hit you.
  • You can try perfect guarding the attack. It is easier to be carried out after a jump in the case of this attack.

Ankh Smash

  • Dive away the instant Anubis jumps to safely evade the attack.
  • Drawback shots can maintain your offense while evading the attack at the same time.
  • Perfect Guarding can also work well as you can perform a counterattack measure right after the attack as it will be open for a brief period of time.

Imperial Rain

  • Other than the red circle, you can indicate where the projectiles will land through small shadows.
  • Turning off Lock-on can also help you navigate your way as it is easier to control your movements without the use of Lock-on.
  • This attack doesn’t reach double jump height, meaning that you can keep yourselves airborne while the attack lasts.

Imperial Snipe

  • Going behind Anubis quickly is a good way to avoid this attack as Anubis can’t snipe you once you’re behind it.
  • Perfect Guards can also deal with this attack, however it is also risky as you might accidentally let go of the guard buttons quickly enough while its blast hitbox is still lingering. This is easier to do through Fall Guards (Deploying your shield Mid-Air and let yourself drop to the ground in which the attack will hit you the moment you landed)

Imperial Wrath

  • Just like some Burst Anubis attacks, quickly going behind it is a great solution for performing extra attacks as its back is wide open.
  • You can try Perfect Guarding this attack too. Dive Perfect Guards are recommended as you can quickly close off the distance between yourself and Anubis while Perfect Guarding the attack at the same time, making it easier for you to perform a counterattack.
Other Useful Tips:
  • Due to Anubis being slower in Burst Mode in terms of walking, you can exploit some openings as it was attacking. However, do be careful that Anubis’ attacks deal high amounts of damage in that state.
  • It is easier to play support when Anubis goes Burst Mode, so prepare your healing bullets just in case your teammates are in for a hard time. Do be careful of the Imperial Rain attack while you are supporting your teammates.
  • With the number of weakspots Anubis has, you don’t have to worry much about missing hits since you’ll most likely hit Anubis’ weakspots. For the case of Burst Anubis though, you’ll have to break its legs if you wanted to get as much easy weakpoint hits as possible.
  • As Burst Anubis is slow, you can drain its Burst time by being near a circular hole or pillar and making sure Anubis is always in the opposite side of you. This only works if you have the aggro. Otherwise, it will just attack your allies.

Defensive Attributes

Part Gun Blade Elemental
Crush Pierce Slash Crush Pierce Blaze Freeze Spark Divine
Head 40 40 45 45 45 X X X O
Head (Broken) 30 30 15 25 25 X X X OO
Arms 45 50 70 50 50 X X X O
Arms (broken) 10 40 30 15 30 X X X OO
Mantle 60 60 95 95 95 X X X O
Torso 60 20 60 80 40 X X X O
Rear Legs 45 45 90 80 90 X X X O
Rear Legs (Broken) 40 30 30 40 25 X X X OO
Tail 45 45 60 80 80 X X X O
Core (Burst only) 0 0 0 0 0 OO OO OO OO

Aragami Materials

The following is a list of all the materials that are available a rewards when this aragami is present in a standard mission. These can all be devoured from the appropriately ranked aragami and any material with the "Complete with 6+ endurance" acquisition condition are also available as bond break rewards.

Material Name Reward Rate Condition
Tissue 5 GE3.pngBarghest Hair 29% Automatic
Armour Level 5 GE3.PNGBarghest Guard 29% Automatic
Armour Level 5 GE3.PNGMaera Mind 14% Automatic
Weapon Level 5 GE3.PNGMaera Jaw 10% Automatic
Material 5 GE3.pngSmoky Ash Core Piece 10% Automatic
Weapon Level 5 GE3.PNG Barghest Edge 15% Complete with 6+ endurance/ Forearm Bond Break reward
Armour Level 5 GE3.PNG Barghest Fiber 15% Complete with 6+ endurance/ Rear Leg Bond Break reward
Material 5 GE3.png Barghest Eye 15% Complete with 6+ endurance/ Head Bond Break reward
Material 5 GE3.png Barghest Eye 25% Complete within 10 minutes

Material Name Reward Rate Condition
Tissue 6 GE3.pngBarghest Mane 29% Automatic
Armour Level 6 GE3.PNGBarghest Shield 29% Automatic
Armour Level 6 GE3.PNGMaera Will 14% Automatic
Weapon Level 6 GE3.PNGMaera Clamp 10% Automatic
Material 6 GE3.pngClear Ash Core Piece 10% Automatic
Weapon Level 6 GE3.PNG Barghest Blade 15% Complete with 6+ endurance/ Forearm Bond Break reward
Armour Level 6 GE3.PNG Barghest Muscle 15% Complete with 6+ endurance/ Rear Leg Bond Break reward
Material 6 GE3.png Barghest Oculus 15% Complete with 6+ endurance/ Head Bond Break reward
Material 6 GE3.png Barghest Oculus 25% Complete within 10 minutes

Material Name Reward Rate Condition
Tissue 7 GE3.pngBarghest Coat 27% Automatic
Armour Level 7 GE3.PNGBarghest Wall 27% Automatic
Armour Level 6 GE3.PNGMaera Will 14% Automatic
Weapon Level 6 GE3.PNGMaera Clamp 10% Automatic
Material 6 GE3.pngPerfect Ash Core Piece 10% Automatic
Weapon Level 6 GE3.PNG Barghest Blade 15% Complete with 6+ endurance/ Forearm Bond Break reward
Armour Level 6 GE3.PNG Barghest Muscle 15% Complete with 6+ endurance/ Rear Leg Bond Break reward
Material 6 GE3.png Barghest Oculus 15% Complete with 6+ endurance/ Head Bond Break reward
Material 7 GE3.png Maera Stone 3% Complete within 10 minutes

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