Hunting Tips:

1. When Anubis is preparing for a Devour Attack, Avoid Staying too close infront of him. Immediately Distance Yourself to avoid his Quick Devour Animation.

2. When He aims for you during his Devour Attack, Keep yourself closely behind him and Dive away before he turns towards you. Keeping yourself in a far distance infront of Anubis when he's preparing for a Devour Attack will result of him Running ater you (Not a Single Leap), Which is more difficult to evade.

3. If using RayGun as a main long range weapon store as much OP as possible and use it when Anubis is in Burst Form (He is very slow in this form but packs a lot of punch which makes him more vulnerable to Long Range Attacks). Just Prepare to Dive away if he is about to jump at you.

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