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Aragami (荒神 "violent god") are the enemies of mankind players battle throughout the God Eater Games. In God Eater lore, they first appeared suddenly and without warning in the 2050s. They are violent in nature and devour everything, including themselves under certain conditions.

What is an Aragami?

While they take on the form as one being, an Aragami is actually composed as an colony of hundreds of thousands of semi-sentient single-celled organisms known as Oracle Cells that group around under an Aragami Core - also known as the "Oracle CNS," that acts as the Aragami's "central nervous system. These cores, if extracted intact, can be altered to create an Artificial CNS for use with the creation of God Arcs. In short  Aragami are superorganisms with swarm intelligence that takes on a variety of formations. These forms can appear as organic, artificial, even mythical - hence the name "Aragami."

Oracle Cells.

Their desire to consume any sort or matter is controlled by the Bias Factor. Scientists from Fenrir work day and night to perfect the armor wall's shielding against Aragami attacks. Aragami will refrain from eating anything that is highly similar to its own being, unless they are extremely desperate, rogue or unstable. In the game it is thought that Aragami are starting to evolve in new ways and some starting to resemble humans. It is also thought that some Aragami are able to use photosynthesis, which is why the planet has maintained the air.

Through consumption of their surroundings Aragami can adapt and evolve to fit into their environment. For example, those in a hot location make take on "Blaze" traits, or those in a cold location will take on "Freeze" traits. When this happens, it creates a Fallen species.

How to Kill an Aragami

Aragami can't be killed by conventional weapons -  hence normal guns and swords ain't gonna cut it. The only way to truly kill an Aragami is to extract the Aragami Core by using the only weapons capable of doing so, the God Arc. Removing the Core makes the Oracle Cells lose their cohesion and dissipate into nothingness.

Types of Aragami

Aragami come in many forms and sizes. Those that first appeared in God Eater are categorized as Small, Medium and Large. More recent entries to the series are explained here:


Psions are a new category of Aragami first introduced in God Eater 2. Heavily modified versions of existing Aragami species, they emit unusually powerful bias fields that influence nearby Oracle Cells, thus exerting control over other Aragami. As God Arcs are themselves Aragami of a sort, they cease functioning in the presence of a psion, leaving most God Eaters helpless against them. Only the third-generation God Arcs used by Blood are unaffected by this. However, by awakening Blood Arts any God Eater can gain the ability to fight back against these creatures. It is ultimately revealed that psions are the result of regular Aragami undergoing a mutation after coming into contact with the Red Rain.

Wild Arc Soldiers

Arc Soldiers or God Arc Soldiers were first introduced in God Eater 2. While not Aragami at first, many of the un-recovered Arc Soldiers have turned into proper Aragami thanks to exposure to the Red Rain.

Arc Aberrants

Arc Aberrants are a new type of Aragami introduced in God Eater 2 Rage Burst. They are aragami that appear to have been fused with God Arcs which they use to perform special attacks. Most of these Aragami are said to have been created by Dr. Rachel Claudius's will.

Ash Aragami

A new type of Aragami introduced in God Eater 3. Thought to of appeared with the Ashlands, they are also known as "Calamity Aragami."

Humanoid Aragami

Humanoid Aragami are said to be an extremely rare phenomenon.

List of Aragami

List of Aragami
Small Aragami
Ogretail Banner.png
Fallen Ogretail Banner.png
Fallen Ogretail
Vajratail Blaze Banner.png
Vajratail (Blaze)
Vajratail Spark Banner.png
Vajratail (Spark)
Zygote Banner.png
Fallen Zygote Blaze Banner.png
Fallen Zygote (Blaze)
Fallen Zygote Freeze Banner.png
Fallen Zygote (Freeze)
Fallen Zygote Spark Banner.png
Fallen Zygote (Spark)
Cocoon Maiden Banner.png
Cocoon Maiden
Fallen Cocoon Maiden Blaze Banner.png
Fallen Cocoon Maiden (Blaze)
Fallen Cocoon Maiden Freeze Banner.png
Fallen Cocoon Maiden (Freeze)
Fallen Cocoon Maiden Spark Banner.png
Fallen Cocoon Maiden (Spark)
Night Hollow Banner.png
Night Hollow
Dreadpike Banner.png
Abaddon Banner.png
Amor Banner.png
Silky Banner.jpg
Medium Aragami
Kongou Banner.png
Fallen Kongou Banner.png
Fallen Kongou
Fierce Kongou Banner.png
Fierce Kongou
Rakshasa Kongou Banner.jpg
Rakshasa Kongou
Chi-You Banner.png
Fallen Chi-You Banner.png
Fallen Chi-You
Sekhmet Banner.png
Gboro-Gboro Banner.png
Fallen Gboro-Gboro Blaze Banner.png
Fallen Gboro-Gboro (Blaze)
Fallen Gboro-Gboro Freeze Banner.png
Fallen Gboro-Gboro (Freeze)
Golden Gboro-Gboro Banner.png
Golden Gboro-Gboro
Yan Zhi Banner.png
Yan Zhi
Kabbala Kabbala Banner.png
Kabbala Kabbala
Yaksha Raja Banner.png
Yaksha Raja
Yaksha Tivra Banner.jpg
Yaksha Tivra
Ukonvasara Banner.png
Ontovasara Banner.jpg
God Arc Soldier Buster Blade Banner.png
God Arc Soldier
Rampage God Arc Soldier Long Blade Banner.png
Rampage God Arc Soldier
Silver God Arc Soldier Long Blade Banner.jpg
White Iron God Arc Soldier
Barbarus banner new.png
Guuzou banner.jpg
Large Aragami
Vajra Banner.png
Dyaus Pita Resurrection Banner.png
Dyaus Pita (God Eater Resurrection)
Dyaus Pita Banner.png
Dyaus Pita (Heavenly Father)
Prithvi Mata Banner.png
Prithvi Mata
Ravana Banner.png
Golden Vajra Banner.jpg
Golden Vajra
Arius Nova Banner.png
Arius Nova
754693181 preview 43 LarvalAriusNova.png
Nova's Larval Body
Prithvi Mata Banner.png
Balfa Mata
Quadriga Banner.png
Fallen Quadriga Banner.png
Fallen Quadriga
Tezcatlipoca Banner.png
Sariel Banner.png
Fallen Sariel Banner.png
Fallen Sariel
Aether Banner.png
Nyx Alpha Banner.png
Nyx Alpha
Borg Camlann Banner.png
Borg Camlann
Fallen Borg Camlann Blaze Banner.png
Fallen Borg Camlann (Blaze)
Fallen Borg Camlann Spark Banner.png
Fallen Borg Camlann (Spark)
Chernoborg banner.jpg
Queen maiden banner.jpg
Queen Maiden
Hannibal Banner.png
Corrosive Hannibal Banner.png
Corrosive Hannibal
Blitz Hannibal Banner.jpg
Blitz Hannibal
Spartacus Banner.png
Caligula Banner.png
Rufus Caligula Banner.png
Rufus Caligula
Caligula Xeno Banner.jpg
Caligula Xeno
Marduk Banner.png
Garm Banner.png
Demiurge Banner.png
Ouroboros Banner.png
Fallen Ouroboros Banner.png
Fallen Ouroboros
Arda Nova Banner.png
Arda Nova
Fallen Arda Nova Banner.png
Fallen Arda Nova
Venus Banner.png
Kyuubi Banner.png
Magatsu Kyuubi Banner.png
Magatsu Kyuubi
Mukuro Kyuubi Banner.jpg
Mukuro Kyuubi
Chrome Gawain Banner.jpg
Chrome Gawain
Magna Gawain Banner.jpg
Magna Gawain
754701354 preview 79 Orochi.png
CO header.png
Crimson Orochi
The Person Who Opens the World Banner.png
World Opener
World Closer Banner.jpg
World Closer
Einherjar Banner.jpg
Last Vestige Banner.jpg
Last Vestige
God Arc Soldier Version Zero Banner.png
God Arc Soldier Zero
Voltuma banner.jpg
Lord rah banner.jpg
Anubis banner new.png
Nuada banner.jpg
Susano'o Banner.png
Hera Banner.png
Zeus Banner.png
Amaterasu Banner.png
Poseidon Banner.png
Tsukuyomi Banner.png
Namhaid Nuadha
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