Called "gods," they are the enemies of mankind. Appearing suddenly and without warning in the 2050s, Aragami are composed of Oracle Cells. With the ability to devour anything and everything and to quickly mutate, a wide variety of different breeds soon covered the Earth. Conventional weaponry proved utterly ineffective. Shortly after their appearance, most of the planet's cities were reduced to ruins. Their name come from an ancient Eastern word for the innumerable gods of the world.

Ash Aragami

A new type of Aragami that is thought to have appeared along with the Ashlands.
They are sometimes called "Calamity Aragami."
Unlike regular Aragami, Ash Aragami can survive the harsh conditions of the Ashlands. It is thought that the Adaptive Bias Factor colony encasing their cores is what allows the Ash Aragami to resist being devored by the Ashlands.

Ash Aragami possess extremely lethal devouring capabilities. Not only can a bite rob a God Eater of their resonance abilities, but devouring also serves to stimulate the Aragami's Oracle Cells, resulting in a state that closely simulates a God Eater's Burst. The combat abilities of Ash Aragami increase dramatically while Bursted, and their attack patterns may also change.

Adaptive Aragami

More powerful versions of Ash Aragami, they are thought to only form in highly dense areas of ash, like those found in Ash Storms. They activate surrounding Ashlands, making them extraordinarily dangerous. Their name comes from both their abnormally high Adaptive Abilities and their evolution from Ash Aragami.
Adaptive Aragami represent a dire threat to humanity. Thus, according to Ashland Navigation Law, each time one is discovered, an elite team of God Eaters from every caravan is formed to dispose of them as quickly as possible.

Ash Storm Aragami

More powerful versions of Ash Aragami, they are known as "Walking Ash Storms" since they activate surrounding Ashlands and can raise ash levels to a point comparable with the inside of an Ash Storm. Thus, they are believed to be far more dangerous than Adaptive Aragami. Since combat with one will inevitably take place within highly dense ash, AGEs with extremely high ash resistance will be essential in order to neutralize one.

Ashwrought Aragami

Aragami that have undergone evolution along a different path due to ash corruption occurring internally. Ashblight causes Oracle cells within the body to crystalize and erupt outward. This relationship could be called "devouring parasitism," as it erases and rebuilds the host's bias tendency, which is the fundamental core of an Aragami.

Humanoid Aragami

Humanoid Aragami are an extremely rare phenomenon first discovered after the appearance of the Ashlands. Although Gleipnir has received a number of reports about them, only corpses have hitherto been recovered. Humanoid Aragami are resilient to and able to survive in the Ashlands, and as they were only seen after its appearance, they are thought to be a type of Ash Aragami. Current AGEs are dosed with P73 Bias Factor modified with the Adaptive Bias Factor extracted from a humanoid Aragami sample acquired many years ago.

During contact with the Ash Aragami Ra, healing ability and successful activation of Engage with an AGE were confirmed. These phenomena have only been observed in the specimen called Phym, and it is unknown if the same traits are carried by other humanoid Aragami.

List of all Aragami in God Eater 3

Small Sized Aragami

Axe Raider Icon GE3.png Fallen Axe Raider Icon GE3.png Blast Spider Icon GE3.png Fallen Blast Spider Icon GE3.png Ogretail Icon GE3.png
Axe Raider Fallen Axe Raider Blast Spider Fallen Blast Spider Ogretail
Zygote Icon GE3.png Cocoon Maiden Icon GE3.png Dreadpike Icon GE3.png
Zygote Cocoon Maiden Dreadpike

Medium Sized Aragami

Barbarius Icon GE3.png Fallen Barbarius Icon GE3.png Nemain Icon GE3.png Fallen Nemain Icon GE3.png Havakiri Icon GE3.png
Barbarius Fallen Barbarius Nemain Fallen Nemain Havakiri
Fallen Havakiri Icon GE3.png Ameno Havakiri Icon GE3.png False Idol Icon GE3.png Fallen False Idol Icon GE3.png Kongou Icon GE3.png
Fallen Havakiri Ameno Havakiri False Idol Fallen False Idol Kongou
Chi You Icon GE3.png Gboro-Gboro Icon GE3.png Ukonvasara Icon GE3.png
Chi-You Gboro-Gboro Ukonvasara

Large Sized Aragami

Vajra Icon GE3.png Dyaus Pita Icon GE3.png Borg Camlann Icon GE3.png Kyuubi Icon GE3.png Sariel Icon GE3.png
Vajra Dyaus Pita Borg Camlann Kyuubi Sariel
Chrome Gawain Icon GE3.png Hannibal Icon GE3.png Caligula Icon GE3.png Quadriga Icon GE3.png Marduk Icon GE3.png
Chrome Gawain Hannibal Caligula Quadriga Marduk

Ashborn Aragami

Ra Icon GE3.png Amen Ra Icon GE3.png Nuadha Icon GE3.png Balmung Icon GE3.png Anubis Icon GE3.png
Ra Amen Ra Nuadha Balmung Anubis
Ashstorm Anubis Icon GE3.png Dromi Icon GE3.png
Ash Storm Anubis Dromi

Adaptive Aragami (Assault Missions)

Glacial Ra Icon GE3.png Namhaid Nuadha Icon GE3.png Svartr Balmung Icon GE3.png Foul Dromi Icon GE3.png Grim Anubis Icon GE3.png
Glacial Ra Namhaid Nuadha Svartr Balmung Foul Dromi Grim Anubis
Megiddo Odin Icon GE3.png
Megiddo Odin

Ashwrought Aragami

Barbarius Ira Icon GE3.png Agni Vajra Icon GE3.png Nuadha Eire Icon GE3.png Melammu Marduk Icon GE3.png Tyrant Hannibal Icon GE3.png
Barbarius Ira Agni Vajra Nuadha Eire Melammu Marduk Tyrant Hannibal
Regalia Balmung icon GE3.png
Regalia Balmung


Odin Icon GE3.png

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