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Arius Nova (アリウス・ノーヴァ) is an Aragami introduced in God Eater Resurrection. It serves as the game's final boss.

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God Eater Resurrection

Common Name : The Second Nova

A spectacular Aragami that repeatedly mutated after devouring countless of its own kind. Believed to have consumed most of Aragami varieties extant near the Far East Branch, it is almost impervious to God Arc attacks in its standard form. As this specimen mutated when its Bias Factor was limited after the destruction of its original form, it is not particularly robus.

ATK Element : Divine
Weaknesses : Freeze, Spark

Additional Information


  • The Arius Nova bears a striking resemblance to the Dyaus Pita. Notably, it is pink and gray instead of red and black, with a halo behind the head and a twisted Nova face instead of the Dyaus Pita's own.


  • Unlike the Dyaus Pita, the Arius Nova begins the battle with its wings already extended. It utilizes all of the Dyaus Pita's attacks, augmented with tree branch-like crystalline spikes, in addition to some of its own, such as blasting out poisonous spikes in multiple directions.


  • The Arius Nova is an Aragami born from the remnants of the Nova, the huge Aragami meant to devour the entire world in an event known as the Devouring Apocalypse, and as such, it is exceptionally powerful.
  • After having devoured and incorporated numerous strains of Bias factor, the Arius Nova acquired an immunity to God Arc attacks, and soundly defeats the 1st Unit in their first encounter with it. It takes a lot of work from the God Eaters of the Far East Branch in acquiring new Bias strands from rare Aragami, plus the secret help of other remnants of Nova controlled by Shio and slowing down the Arius Nova's acquisition of new Bias, to make the Arius vulnerable.
  • In a hectic final fight, the Arius Nova is defeated by the 1st Unit, and from its remnants a last image of Shio is born, giving the God Eaters of the Far East Branch a chance to give her a final goodbye.

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