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Ash Storm Anubis is an Ash Storm Aragami introduced in God Eater 3. It is a wild, god-like Aragami, akin to a ferocious beast covered in molten armor, a larger and fiery counterpart to its normal cousin, Anubis. It can unleash an ash anomaly as it is engaged in battle, weakening God Eaters by a massive amount as well as draining their health away. It overpowers its targets with its heavyweight armor. Like its counterpart Anubis, it possesses considerable strength even among the Ash Aragami, can Burst to transition from walking on four legs to walking on two legs and completely change its attack pattern.
NORN Database
The following information can also be found via descriptions of the Aragami found in the game's database.
God Eater 3

An Anubis Ash Storm Aragami known as a "Walking Ash Storm." Encountered in the Restricted Ash Zone: Depths. This Aragami is known for activating surrounding Ashlands, raising the ash density even higher than a Restricted Ash Zone. The ash anomaly brought about by the Ash Storm Aragami is so extreme that even the toughest AGEs will find their vitals instantly affected. Until this anomaly can be neutralized or suppressed, confronting this foe will be a serious challenge.

Encountered once again near the Level 3 Restricted Ash Zone: Old City. The threats posed by the Ash Storm Aragami are not limited to those previously mentioned.
The attacks unleashed from its blisteringly hot body can drive one into a corner with a single srike. Countermeasures for handling the Ash Storm Aragami's ash anomaly were established in the previous battle, but countermeasures against its fire must also not be forgotten.

-Summary of Activated Abilities
Its attacks grow far more powerful. Its devour attacks resemble those by the Ash Aragami Anubis, but due to its larger body, it is difficult to evade them. After Bursting, a halo of dark fire that spews flames torching everything appears on the upper part of its back.
Breakable Bonds: Head/Forearms/Rear Leg
Note: With exceptions, all information on this Aragami is highly classified.
(Sorry for the lack of information! This thing's so dangerous I don't know what you should do!)

Additional Information

Music Theme

  • Into the Demon's Lair


  • Ash Storm Anubis was added in Update 1.30.
  • Ash Storm Anubis is the Only Aragami that requires the Anti Ash-Storm bomb to be fought normally as it is the only Ash Storm Aragami present in game.
  • Its family name, "Anubis", was the name of the Egyptian god of mummification and the afterlife. He had a jackal's head, and was responsible for using the weighing scale of souls, where the recent dead were judged and deemed worthy or unworthy of an afterlife.
  • Despite having a heavily armored body, Ash Storm Anubis has a good amount of weakspots when all of its breakable bonds are broken, having a total of 2 (3 if it is in Burst Mode since the core counts as a weakspot).
  • Like Anubis, Ash Storm Anubis has a completely different moveset in Burst Mode in comparison to other Ashborns in which they retain some of their movesets from their normal mode. Also, it doesn’t inflict any debuffs during its Burst Mode.
  • Ash Storm Anubis shares the same theme song with its other counterparts.
  • Ash Storm Anubis serves as the final boss of the extra episode “Another Devil”. It also appears as the final boss in a form of a memory node in Neal’s resonance area in “Traversing the Past”.
  • Ash Storm Anubis is the second largest Aragami in God Eater 3 behind Odin.
  • Ash Storm Anubis is another flagship Aragami of God Eater 3, featured in the extra episode "Another Devil".

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