The Ashborn are a new kind of Aragami first appearing in God Eater 3.


Also known as "Aragami of Disaster", the Ashborn are a new group of Aragami thought to hail from the Ashlands, as they both appeared at the same time. They all share a resistance to the effects of the Ashlands, and are among the only species capable of adapting to the Ashlands.


  • Anubis - A wild, god-like Aragami, akin to a ferocious beast covered in shining armor. It overpowers its targets with its heavyweight armor. Anubis, who possesses considerable strength even among the Ash Aragami, can Burst to transition from walking on four legs to walking on two legs and completely change its attack pattern.
  • Ra - An Ash Aragami with a body that looks to fuse a bird’s head with a celestial globe and human. It carries fire balls in both hands and burns anyone who approaches it to ashes. It usually moves while floating along leisurely, but when it finds a target, it uses the boosters on its back to rush forward and swoop down on its enemy.Ra’s devour ability changes the fire balls it carries in both hands into a devour form before throwing them at its target. When it enters the Burst state, all of its energy amplifies, it wears wings of fire, and it can fire even stronger flames.
  • Habakiri - A new, female-looking Aragami that does not have a Burst form as it’s theorized that it is still adapting to the Ashlands. When it sees a target, it boosts forward with incredible speed using its leg rockets and attacks with electricity-fused arm blades. This has lent it the name of “Swordswoman of the Ashlands”. However, even at long ranges, it can still surprise players with long distance electricity lasers, and Famitsu also shows an attack where a lock-on reticule shows up to target the player. As a result, it’s best not to let down your guard no matter what distance it’s at.


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