Ashwrought Aragami are a new variant type of Aragami introduced in God Eater 3 since patch 2.00 onwards.
On first look they might seem like a simple alternate version of the Aragami (like Fallen Species), but they actually provide a greater challenge and unaware players might be overwhelmed.
This new kind of Aragami come with new movesets, elements, weaknesses and materials, and similar to Psions featured in God Eater 2, they introduced new singular game mechanics, like Melammu Marduk summoning small Aragami or Nuadha Eire creating an ice sculpture from which it can devour, though everyone of them have an ability in common to regenerate health when they are enraged.


Aragami that have undergone evolution along a different path due to ash corruption occurring internally. Ashblight causes Oracle cells within the body to crystalize and erupt outward. This relationship could be called "devouring parasitism," as it erases and rebuilds the host's bias tendency, which is the fundamental core of an Aragami.

List of Ashwrought

Barbarius Ira Temp.png Agni Vajra Temp.png Nuadha Eire Temp.png
Barbarius Ira Agni Vajra Nuadha Eire
Melammu Marduk Temp.png Tyrant Hannibal Temp.png Regalia Balmung Temp.png
Melammu Marduk Tyrant Hannibal Regalia Balmung


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