An avatar is the look chosen for the player character by the player.

Avatar Card Trading

You can have a max of 98 Avatar Cards per save.

Avatars are player characters that in God Eater 2 have 3 equipment sets tagged to them. In God Eater Burst, NPCs in general including Avatar Cards never use Impulse Edge. Avatar Cards' low and/or high rank equipment don't matter, their equipment stats will determine depending on the player's story progress.

To trade the Avatar Cards, go up to a player in multiplayer and press triangle. Alternatively in God Eater and God Eater 2 (PSP), you can trade Avatar Cards in sleep mode. There are play rewards only in God Eater Burst. They are F-tickets, obtainable in multiplayer, although sometimes they are found as rewards in DLC.

Den Emotes

This may differ for everyone's key mapping. The extra Emotes in GER, used with holding down Square (Space for Keyboard/Mouse Controller) are only available after clearing Story 99.

For Keyboard/Mouse Controller

Direction Arrows + Q + E + Space (GER Only)
Up Greet Cheer Silly Kota Pose
Left Wave Clap Collapse Link Aid
Right Shake head Bow Sit Incapacitated
Down Nod Cower Rest Alisa Pose

For Console Controller

Direction Dpad + L + R + Square (GER Only)
Up Greet Cheer Silly Kota Pose
Left Wave Clap Collapse Link Aid
Right Shake head Bow Sit Incapacitated
Down Nod Cower Rest Alisa Pose


This will allow you to start the game from the beginning and can be done through Main Menu/Import Save Data.


  • Able to change gender and appearance.
  • Able to change name.
  • Able to read missed NPC conversations
    (Note: alternatively you can do this via a hex editor).
  • All items and equipment are kept if Transfer All option is used.
  • Avatar cards and mission records are intact.
  • Able to play fairly with low ranked players in multiplayer.


  • Unable to change code name, which is displayed in missions.
  • All story progression related stuff will revert to the beginning.
  • Craftable equipment and clothes will be reverted to rank 1.
  • Only able to equip rank 1 equipment, higher rank equips will be locked until you reach the rank.
  • All entries in Norm and Room Terminal reverted to rank 1.
    Thus you cannot rebirth and instantly view the part where your character speaks.
  • Hairstyle selection reverted to rank 1.
  • Clear tick on missions will be gone.
  • Unable to play higher ranked missions offline/multiplayer as they would be locked again.

Thus, rebirthing is not recommended unless one is desperate to change looks (This only applies to GEB, as it's possible to rebirth while retaining your story progress in GE2, GE2RB and GER by choosing the second option after picking which save file you want to rebirth).

Code names in any God Eater games are permanent and cannot be changed to prevent the players from using a same exact savedata in multiplayer, as well as prevent the players from cloning their own characters into Avatar Cards.

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