Barbarius is a Medium Sized Aragami introduced in God Eater 3. It features three massive drills on the left arm which it can use to burrow in the ground and attack from underneath, or to break the ground apart and unleash a barrage of broken ground at its opponent.


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God Eater 3

A mid-sized Aragami with a giant drill on its left arm.

This Aragami is known to use its drill to burrow into the ground. Although slow-moving above-ground, determining its position once underground becomes difficult.

Break the bonds on its drill with crushing bullets to stop it from employing its subterranean tactics and give you the advantage instead.

-Summary of Activated Abilities
It gains the ability to shrug off most attacks by using the cold air it stores internally to harden its hide. Thus, concetrating attacks on a weak part and aiming to break its bonds is highly recommended.

>>Breakable Bonds: Head/Drill/Tail

Additional Information


  • A mid-sized Aragami with soldier-like, silvery ash-colored armor. It wears a ferocious beard, and sharp, glaring eyes peek through from its helmet.Its left arm is shaped like a drill, which is constantly spinning to intimidate its enemies.


  • Barbarius mainly fights by attacking with the drill on its left hand. It causes damage through the debris produced by breaking the ground with its drill, as well as through thrust attacks from its target’s blind spots by driving into the ground. Barbarius also uses the cold stored in its body to cover its drill and pierce the ground to create a block of ice and expand its attack range.


  • The name Barbarus comes from the Latin word barbarus, which translates to barbarian.

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