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Spoiler Warning: This page contains crucial story details.

Basic Training 1 is part of Story 1 and is the first mission in God Eater 2 Rage Burst that acts as a tutorial to the basic controls of the game. Players must complete this mission before the can accept a mission against a real target.

Mission Information:

In-game information

"Graduate of the compatibitity test are required to visit the Training Grounds to undergo basic training. They will learn God Arc fundamentals and practice them on a sparring dummy. Reviewing this training is recommended before accepting a live mission"


Learn the controls to playing God Eater 2 & Defeat 2 training aragami.

Story Information (Spoilers)

After creating your character the GE2RB intro cinematic will playout. Afterwhich you will be presented the openning cinematic and then will be shown the cutscene where you obtain your God Arc. Your avatar will scream out in pain. This prompts Julius to ask Rachel if you're incompatible. Rachel Reassures him you're ok as you rise up and give your God Arc a swing. Afterwards you will arrive in the Frirar Lobby. If you talk to Fran you can asker her about God Eaters, Blood... etc. When your done talking she will tell you to use the elevator to the garden where you will talk to Julius in another cutscene. After the Cutscene head back to Fran and Accept and clear the training mission Durring the mission Julius will talk to you over the radio and tell you how to play. After the Training Mission you will get a Cutscene where you meet Nana where you talk about training and eat a sandwich.


First Time Rewards:

GAP - 1 Point


x1 Restore Pill 

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