Blitz Hannibal
Blitz hannibal
Item Prefix: Dead Dragon
Origin: Unknown
Breakable Parts: Back, Face, Arms
Attribute: Divine
Weak Point: Head, Unbound Wrist
Elemental Weakness: Freeze/Spark/Divine
Elemental Resistance: {{{resistance}}}
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Blitz Hannibal (ハンニバル神速種 "Godspeed Hannibal") is a Hannibal subspecies that moves extremely fast, fast enough to cross great distances in the blink of an eye.  Its appearance resembles a white and purple Corrosive Hannibal.  When it becomes enraged, wings of purple fire protrude from the back of its white body as it releases jets of flame all around.  


  • A simple leap.  Deals low damage.
  • A rushing charge.  Deals low to moderate damage.
  • A slashing claw combo.  Covers a large area and deals low to moderate damage per hit.
  • A geyser of black flame that pursues its target before erupting.  Deals moderate to high damage.
  • Three large, black fireballs that shoot out in a fan formation.  Deal moderate damage.
  • A fiery breath.  Moves back and forth in front of the Blitz Hannibal and deals moderate damage.

When enraged:

  • Emits wings of purple flame and rises into the air before erupting in fire and sending blasts of flame out all around.  Deals high damage.
  • A slashing combo augmented with twin blades of purple flame.  Moves a good deal faster than its un-enraged version and deals high damage per hit
  • All normal attacks.

Notably, the Blitz Hannibal is immune to Hold.

It can only be fought in the 1.20 update's Lindow DLC as well as in the 1.40 update's survival missions.  In the Lindow DLC, Lindow fights one of these while infected with the Corrosive Hannibal.  Completing this mission allows the player to use Infected Lindow as an NPC ally.


Infected Lindow from the DLC episode.


A poster of the Blitz Hannibal.

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