The Blood Special Forces is an elite unit of Fenrir created by Dr. Rachel Claudius, debuting in God Eater 2. It originally consisted of only Julius Visconti and Romeo Leoni, but over time their roster expands to include Ciel Alençon, Gilbert McLane, Nana Kazuki, the Protagonist of said game and Livie Collete. Those chosen to be admitted into Blood have the confirmed potential to awaken a unique "Blood Power", and make use of Blood Arts. All Blood members are 3rd-generation God Eaters; their special God Arcs differ from those of most God Eaters in that they respond normally when facing psions such as the Marduk. Regular God Eaters will experience no response from their God Arcs when facing psions alone. Members of Blood wear black Armlets and are given the P66 Bias Factor.


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