Jersey Shen Baxter
BladeIcon1 Short Blade BladeIcon2 Long Blade BladeIcon3 Buster Blade
McHammer Britney VariantScythe
BladeIcon4 Boost Hammer BladeIcon5 Charge Spear BladeIcon6 Variant Scythe
Blo Od a Rts
Blood Arts are extensions of blade attacks that add a variety of effects to fighting styles. Some Blood Arts convert existing moves into new moves, other add additional functions to already existing moves. They are aquired by using a close-combat weapon and raising its Chance of Awakening. The Chance of Awakening rises when Aragami are hit with the correct attacks. when this reaches 100%, a new Blood Art is learned. When you fight stronger Aragami the Chance of Awakening incresses while weak Aragami will do little to awakening the Blood Arts. There is also an Blood Art awakening skill you can equip or select from character abilities that will boost the amount of Chance of Awakening gained.

Only one Blood Art may be equipped at a time.

Here is a list of the available Blood Arts per melee weapon type:


Norn Terminal for God Eater 2 Rage Burst - In game text

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