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First introduced in God Eater 2, the Blood Power is a unique ability that each member of the Blood special forces possesses. One of the purposes of the Blood Unit is to awaken each Blood Power. In the original GE2, Ciel, Gilbert, Nana, and Julius' abilities are the only ones that can occur in-battle. The Blood Power activates either when they use their Blood Art, or when the mission starts, depending on the character.


  • Protagonist: Evoke - Amplification of others' will. Awakens dormant abilities (Blood Powers, Blood Arts, Blood Bullets) and enables 1st- and 2nd-generation God Eaters to resist psions' bias field pulses. In Lindow Amamiya's scenario in the 1.20 DLC, a special resonance occurs that lets the protagonist witness Lindow's mutation into a Corrosive Hannibal.
  • Ciel Alençon: Intuit (Intuitive) - Grants the effects of Enemy HP Vision + Sensitive.
  • Gilbert McLane: Inspire (Imbue) - Greatly increases allies' attack for a short time.
  • Nana Kouzuki: Attract - Temporarily attracts engaged Aragami.
  • Julius Visconti: Control - Grants Burst Shift to surrounding allies. This effect can be stacked.
  • Romeo Leoni: Heart (Interaction) - All Aragami's vision and hearing are severely impaired until they engage in combat, even after other mid-sized or large-sized Aragami enter the field.
  • Livie Collete: Kindness (Affection) - Gives all team members the "Raise" status, which allows incapacitated teammates to recover without needing Link Aid, at full health. This can only be used once per mission without Link Support.