I thought my gallery was supposed to allow personal images. Especially since I've had unrelated "Kill me baby anime" & fate/apocrphya pics (wheelchair girl) on my personal gallery since WAY BEFORE YOUR JOINING to this wiki. 

But I suppose when you've bothered to go and get yourself elected an admin, and only bothered to check my wall page NOW when I've uploaded a new pic, you're, as often (sometimes) patheticly said "just doing your job." Maybe I should have asked to be an admin too, maybe then I could go around telling peope to adjust their pages abit so that it's better white-washed.

This message may seem a bit long and you MAY be temtped to just delete and skip over it, but it would be a good waste of time to read over this completely. 

I also realize ecchi was something I should reserve on this being a "western" wikia, but your rude statement remains plain repulsive. 

This might mean nothing to you, and I don't know nor do I care if you'll respond to this entire message, so I bolded the most significant bits in this message so that your narrow-viewed-eyes can see it.

 I think I can tell from your nearly pictureless bio page that you have a fear of photos.

But I'll remove it since apparently "ecchi" seems  not an allowable conduct here.  In fact, I'm removing my entire wall page.

Past that "ecchi" remark however......

....... everything with "Lesbian" and past that statement of yours is hyst blatant offfensive. 

I don't like using intensifiers but that was just VERY discriminatorily rude.  

I know people don't become saints overnight. But at least they can TRY to be polite.

Last time I admit, I nearly quit this wikia because of a petty disagreement with Beastofprey on using "dead/alive" status on Character pages.  Looking back, that wasn't so bad, it's a nostalgic experience now of the early days of this wikia's crafting.

But now I have a more solid reason to quit this wikia. Plain user rudeness.

Sorry about the ecchi picture I put on my wall page. It was a yuri picture btw. And Beobeast told me to remove it 'cause it's not safe for kids, so I did. This message serves as my permanent resignation letter from this wikia as well as the response to Beobeast's "admin rules."

This must be a "norm" for some of you, and you might feel that way naturally with kid media usually without homosexuality related things, but you sound like someone's 20th century grand uncle.

You might  think that "homosexuality" is something that is "not for kids" and that heterosexuality is "safe for kids" 

I'll remove the pic yes. 

but you're just being plain sickening.

We're in the 21st century, so you should stop treating anything not hetero as "something different." You might not be trying to BE offensive, or any sort of motive like that but that thinking in itself is ignorant and rude.

I take back what I said on forums earlier, I'm not coming back to this wikia, it's changed to be too repulsive for me to even keep it in my browsing history. Good riddance you might say, or go retire already. Yea I know I was being vague about retiring from this wikia and whatnot, can't blame me for needing to express my informational OCD can you?

 I said I'm sorry for the "ecchi" aspect of the picture. But I am not at all apologetic for the "non-het" part of it. 

Goodbye GE wikia. You disgust me to the core. Also it would be repulsively funny if you just responded to the non-homo parts of this message or some "smart" admin deleted this message.

EDIT: Vaince told me that users have freedom of their customizing their own wall pages as long as they don't conflict with other pages on this wikia. Thanks for clearing this up Vaince!

But I'm still quitting for good tho. Adieu-

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