Borg Camlann
Kamran Borg
Item Prefix: Knt
Origin: South Great Britain
Breakable Parts: Shield, Tail & Front Leg
Attribute: None
Weak Point: Shield (Crush), Tail
Elemental Weakness: Freeze/Spark
Elemental Resistance: {{{resistance}}}
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A scorpion-like Aragami with a stinger and shield. Resembles a knight, with a metallic outer skin. Attacks after causing its enemy to lose balance. First appeared in the south of Great Britain.

Displays remarkable power and range when attacking with its tail. Hard to destroy its shell by sword, so knock it off balance by slashing its legs, then shooting at its weak point - the mouth.

HeadingBAdditional Information
Its name is believed to be a reference to King Arthur's death at the Battle of Camlann.
HeadingBAragami Bullets
Name Description
Spread Needle Fires a normal spread shot.
Piercing Needle Fires a normal pierce shot.
Venom Needle Fires a poison shot.
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