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{{Infobox Character
|image = <tabber>
[[File:Brendan Bardell.jpg|280px]]
|-|japanese = ブレンダン・バーデル
|rōmaji = Burendan Bāderu
|codename = brendan (JPN)<br />BRENDAN (ENG)
|gender = Male
|age = 22 (''God Eater'')<br />25 (''God Eater 2'')<br />29 (''GEReO'')
|origin = American
|height =183 cm (6'0") (GE2)
|weight =
|eyes = Light Purple (''Original'')<br />Blue (''Burst'')
|hair = Light Purple (''Original'')<br />Silver (''Burst'')
|relatives =
|birthday = November 26, 2049
|predator style = Bladefang<br />Raven
|affiliation = Fenrir Far East Branch
|occupation = God Eater
|class = Assault Sergeant
|unit = 2nd Unit
|godarc = Old-Type/1st Generation
|equipment = Dispeller / Buster Blade<br />Buckler Shield (''Original'')<br />Myriad Solo / Tower Shield (''Burst'' and ''GE2/RB'')
|game = ''[[God Eater (Game)]]''<br />''[[God Eater Burst]]''<br />''[[God Eater 2 ]]''<br />''[[God Eater 2 Rage Burst]]''<br />''[[God Eater Resurrection]]''<br />''[[God Eater Resonant Ops]]''<br />
|novel = ''[[God Eater: Knockin' on Heaven's Door]]''
|manga = ''[[God Eater: The Spiral Fate]]''<br />''[[God Eater ~side by side~]]''
|jpvoice = Hirofumi Tanaka (''Original'')<br />Tomoaki Maeno (''Burst'')
|envoice = Tony Oliver (''GEB'')<br />Kaiji Tang (''GER/GE2RB')}}'''Brendan Bardell''' is a character in ''[[God Eater Burst]]'', first appearing as a generic NPC in ''[[God Eater (Game)|God Eater]]''. He is the sub-leader of the 2nd Unit (the Defense Unit) of the [[Fenrir (Organization)|Fenrir]] Far East Branch
With the events of '''God Eater 2 -Another Episode-''', Sakaki reformed the Defense Unit to fight the [[Aragami]].
===''God Eater''===
===''God Eater Burst''===
It is revealed in God Eater Burst that he hails from the area that was formerly called North America.
===God Eater 2===
'''Brendan Bardell (22)'''<br />''Joined Fenrir Far East Branch in 2067.''
''A Gods Eater with the 2nd Unit. Hasn't been a Gods Eater for long, but highly competent, both in physical combat and battle theory.''
''God Arc: Buster Blade (older model/close-combat)''
'''Brendan Bardell: 2 (22)'''<br />''Joined Fenrir Far East Branch in 2067.''
''Belongs to the 2nd Unit. He is still new to the force, but his power alone can rival that of a sub-leader's.''
''He has established a style of locking on to an enemy to find it's weak spot, then striking one powerful strike.''
''This combat style is a model for many buster blade wielders.''
''God Arc: Buster Blade (older model/close-combat)''
Brendan has a wild and furious personality and is always on the lookout for good missions.
Contrast to his [[God Eater (Game)|generic counterpart]], Brendan has a calm personality and is a reliable ally. Unlike Tatsumi, Brendan takes a serious attitude towards his missions.
Brendan young adult with spiky, light purple hair and eyes. He wears a green Fenrir formal uniform with a black shirt under the jacket, a black gloves from his left hand, dark grey pants with 2 pockets and green short boots.
Brendan is a young adult with silver short hair spiked hair and blue eyes. He wears a white t-shirt underneath a blue jacket. He also wears a brown pants with knee guards and light brown boots.
=== ''God Eater 2'' ===
Brendan hair still remains unchanged but he now wears a short sleeved white t-shirt underneath a blue sleeveless jacket. He wears a black and blue striped pants with blue shoes . He also has bandages on both of his hands.
==Character Relationships==
*[[Tatsumi O'Mori]] - His superior officer and teammate in the Second Squad. It can be assumed that they are close friends as they are usually seen together.
*[[Kanon Daiba]] - His teammate in the Second Squad. Both are in friendly terms.
*[[Annette Koenig]] - The new type assigned in the Second Squad, It is seen that Brendan is the one assigned to look after her.
*[[Marco Donath]] - His former superior officer and former leader of the 2nd Unit.
*[[Protagonist (God Eater)]] - He presents himself well in front of him/her and asks him/her to pair up with him in missions they see him fit. After being rescued by him/her, he thanks and owes them a depth of gratitude as well as respect.
*It's possible to play as the generic Brendan from ''God Eater'' via [[Avatars/God Eater Burst|Character Creation]].
*Brendan gains the CC: Breaker Blood Art after you complete his respective missions in Another Episode.
*Brendan is more powerful than Annette. He is best paired up when Tatsumi is also in the team, as the two have a two-on-one flanking tactic against Aragami.
*Brendan is contrast to Soma. Brendan have a very high attack power but low survival rate, while Soma have very high survival rate but low attack power.
==See Also==
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