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This page is focused on bullet recipes for God Eater 2 and God Eater 2 Rage Burst. Anyone is welcome to add their own bullet creations as long as they are for either of those games. Bullets for God Eater Burst can be found here. Along with recipes, feel free to add information related to bullets and bullet crafting mechanics in God Eater 2 and Rage Burst (such as the new bullets that weren't featured in Burst). Happy crafting!


  • Everything from God Eater Burst is carried over to God Eater 2, and everything from 2 is carried over to Rage Burst.
  • New bullets added, including: Meteor, and XL size bullets and modules for Blood bullets.
  • New Gun Form: Shotgun. It behaves similarly to an Assault gun but uses spread-type bullets rather than shot-type bullets and has abilities to support close combat.
  • Bullets are now restricted to Gun Parts; Gun Parts can no longer use all bullet types. For example, Sniper guns are now the only Gun Part capable of using Lasers, while only Blasters can use Bombs, and Shotguns Spread-fire. Bullets that do not correspond to the player's equipped Gun Part will be automatically returned to inventory and cannot be equipped.
  • Some existing Gun Parts have been changed into Shotguns.
  • Each Gun has a specialty of its own, further differentiating the role of each gun. Assault and Shotgun styles allow for sustained fire while moving away or toward an Aragami ("run and gun" techniques), Blasters have the option to store Oracle Points for later use with the Oracle Reserve function, and Sniper guns have an enhanced scope to support long-range sniping as well as the Concentrate ability.
  • Bullet creation has become even more complex than it was in Burst, due to various changes and broader options. For example, bullet angles can be further customized, allowing for more flexible bullets to be crafted.

Made by

Post your creations here and spread your ideas to other people.

Translation for bullet

Beo (BeoBlade)

Bullet Name Recipe

Agony from the Gods (AFTG)

Bullet only created to fight Large-Sized and Boss Aragamis, it does massive damage on almost all elements and can easily take much damage to the Aragamis near the battle, it's good if you are also surrounded by many Aragamis on the selected Area


- The user needs to Aim and gets a precise shot for the 1457, otherwise you will reach 888 Damage.

- It can only be shot once, be sure to dont waste.


Matt (Seieireppa)

Bullet Name Recipe

Light of Ruin


Japanese bullet (from online). Uses a hidden underground penta-formula to fire an extreme long-distance diagonal beam.


-As mentioned above, this bullet covers an EXTREMELY long range. In testing, it passed the boundary of the field, still dealing damage at the utmost farthest limit.


Anti-Crimson Orochi bullets

A pair of bullets designed specifically to obliterate the Crimson Orochi in as little time as possible. Will only work with the build listed here, where you can also find instructions on their use.


-The one with the -30° angle is long-range; the one with the -105° angle is short-range.

Anti CO 1
Anti CO 2

AG <ELEMENT> rounds

AG damage

Designed for maximum burst damage as fast as possible. Utilizes the gravity Blood Bullet module to increase damage on the deco-lasers and transfer it to the LL bomb module. Can easily reach 30k+ damage hitting enemy weakness with a gun with corresponding element.


-With Trigger Happy, the cost is ~90 OP.

-This bullet has the knockback/stagger mechanism to allow for rapid firing.

-Due to the LL bomb module, the range/AOE is rather large. You can hit enemy Aragami from a moderate distance away.

-Do note that the bullet will return an error in the simulator unless you position the target at near point blank.


Starlight Breaker

An extremely high-powered blast bullet pair. Both should be used in tandem, fired one after the other. Full Release Starlight (全力全開スターライト) should be fired first, with Breaker (ブレイカー) fired immediately afterwards.


-Breaker differs from Full Release Starlight in only the angling of the initial modules. It should be easy to make one from the other.

-Unlike the AG rounds, these hit only in front. Aim carefully.

Starlight 1
Starlight 2

HLR Pierce


A sniper round that uses the HLR (hyper long-range) chip in conjunction with the Advance Pierce/multi-hit chip to do severe damage at a distance.


-The further you are from the target, the more damage this will deal.

-Do note that the damage will be far higher than in the example image due to not using the base sniper gun in battle.

-Inspired by a bullet used by YouTube user makio78.



Blaster 1

A blast round that erupts forth with a massive spike of energy that deals damage at moderate range. Utilizes the knockback-stagger mechanism to allow for faster firing.


-The distance shown above is the maximum distance at which this bullet will hit.

Blaster 2
Blaster 3



A flashy yet rather useless blast bullet. Utilizes the knockback-stagger mechanism for faster firing... but what's the point?


-The enemy must be about as far away as shown in the above image for the bullet to actually hit. Any part of the enemy will do.



Angle 1

An extremely simple short-range bullet designed to hit Sariel-family Aragami from the ground and without aiming. Hits upwards at a 45-degree angle with decent height.


-DO NOT AIM with this bullet. The 45-degree angle is RELATIVE TO THE DIRECTION YOUR GUN IS POINTED — if you point your gun upwards, the bullet will travel too high or even backwards.

Angle 2

Priests of the Temples of Syrinx/シリンクスの司祭

Syrinx 1

A simple chain-burst blast round. The name comes from the fact that the bullet output precisely 2112 damage in testing with my build at the time.


-Extremely short-range. You must be close to the target for this bullet to hit.

Syrinx 2


Popopopo~n 1

An extremely powerful HDH chain bullet. Homes in on the enemy from above, dealing massive damage if the enemy has a weak point on their top side.


-Taken from this video.

Popopopo~n 2
Popopopo~n 3


Triangulum 1

A fancy bullet, but not very efficient. Fires two lasers in a triangle pattern which hit the enemy with two bullets in a triangle pattern that explode on impact.


-Not very cost-efficient compared to AG or Popopopo~n, but not terrible nonetheless.

Triangulum 2
Triangulum 3


Bullet Name Recipe


NPJH50832 00083

One of the many Bullets I made from GEB. Although it's similar to the Meteor Bullets, don't be fooled by it's recipe. It will lock on before firing it's main bullet. DO not mess up the bullets or else you'll get the wrong result.

NPJH50832 00081
NPJH50832 00082

Call me Ken or Accel

Bullet Name Recipe


NPJH50832 00179

A simple bullet engineering. It bounce to other near Aragami 3 times. In other word, this is a great Crowd Control bullet since it can Stagger enemies multiple times.


- This bullet will refill your OP bar.

- This bullet will work on dead Aragami.

NPJH50832 00180


NPJH50832 00140

A demonic reloading bullet that can fill the OP gauge from 0 to 100 in 4/5 seconds (also depends on the distance of Aragamis).

NPJH50832 00139

Graves Shot

NPJH50832 00005

A long range pallete shot for Shotgun. If you play a certain game, you know the reference.

NPJH50832 00007

Change the 1st module to Shot instead of Deco and 2nd module to "On impact of 1". This will make the pallete fires when hitted.

Carpet Bomb (silly bullet)

NPJH50832 00182

A single laser carpet bombing the area infront of you. Like the real carpet bomb, it work well with big Aragami.

NPJH50832 00183

Air Heal

NPJH50832 00049

Aragami getting in your way to heal your teammates? Aragami hitting your heal bullet? Look no further than this bullet! Its send a Orb high as a Ouroboros so no other Aragami can get away with your healing pleasure (s)!

NPJH50832 00050

Make the Orb's vertical lower if you going to do some close quarter combat.

Shotgun on Steroid (fake name)

NPJH50832 00051

Final damage is 1099

As the name implies

More screenies

<div class="mw-collapsible mw-collapsed" style="width:100%>

NPJH50832 00052
NPJH50832 00053
NPJH50832 00054

Change the 2nd module to 90° (up) and 3rd module to -90° (down) to make this bullet work with Chi-you (and similar Aragami).

Summon: Ifrit (silly bullet)

NPJH50832 00143
NPJH50832 00144

I wonder if Yuna impressed...

NPJH50832 00141


Mini nuke
Excited for Fallout 4? Hell yeah~!


- I want to name it "Fatman" from Fallout 3 but someone might get upset by it...

- I also want to make it fire in an arc but it would cause too much problems (hitting).

Mini nuke recipe
Mini nuke recipe 2

I want to crop and combine it but too lazy...

スーパーXヒーリング (Sūpā X hīringu)

Super Cross Healing

A bit un-friendly with OP cost but this will make sure your allies will not die.
NPJH50832 00120

レールガン (Rerugan)


Beware of random teleporting pervert...
- Feel free to add "Stagger Mechanism" to this bullet

世界ブレイカー 最大 (SekaiBureikā Saidai)

World Breaker Max

World breaker
Unleash your hate by using this bullet~
World breaker recipe 1
World breaker recipe 2


- You can make a weaker version by replacing the 2nd module with 制御:下を向く / 生存時間短 to make it fire instantly

クラスタ ボム (Kurasuta Bomu)

Cluster Bomb

Kanon&#039;s cluster bomb 1
Kanon&#039;s cluster bomb 2
Kanon's iconic destructive bullet, Cluster Bomb, recreated by me! :D
I even equipped Kanon's gun XD
Kanon&#039;s cluster bomb recipe 1
Kanon&#039;s cluster bomb recipe 2

-The +25° vertical angle on the first module helps you aim. Yes, you have to aim, Kanon have to experience it, so does you!

ヤマトキャノン (Yamato Kyanon)

Yamato Cannon

Yamato cannon 1
Yamato cannon 2
My attempt on recreating an ability in a certain game...
Yama cann recipe 1
Yama cann recipe 2


An Assault Gun bullet that utilize the 'Diffusion Replication' Mutation Chip

Original creator: Feliz (Youtube channel)
Thank you Feliz for making such an interesting bullet :)

Tri-tri recipe

- Change the laser's firing time to suit your liking


Blast Gun

Sniper Gun


Bullet Name Recipe
Debuff Round
[Sniper Bullet]
20160910145257 1

Based off the IOD formula and takes advantage of the Bond-Blocker mod chip.

20160910044830 1
Simple Crush
[Sniper Bullet]

20160913112657 1

This gets you more damage per op than just connecting a L bomb module to a default sniper bullet. It travels slower though.

20160913112723 1


Bullet Name Recipe
Simple Quick Meteor
20160918150056 1

The simplest form of instant meteor we all love and hate. Can be modified further with more explosions, knockback stagger mechanism, penta mechanism, whatever.

Knocks yourself and all allies as well. Be mindful of using this kind of bullet in multiplayer mode.
20160918150053 1
Reverse Penta-Meteor
20160918150011 1
Instant meteor bullet powered with Penta-mechanism. Shoot to the underground instead to the air which actually negates the drawback of Penta-mechanism that often interrupted by the wall.
Still have 2 free slots, which you can use to put knockback stagger mechanism or more explosions
Knocks yourself and all allies as well. Be mindful of using this kind of bullet in multiplayer mode.
20160918150005 1
20160918150007 1
Rage Counter Enabler
20160918150104 1
Bullet used to trigger Rage Counter without actually countering the enemy attacks.
Can be used to trigger Rage Counter twice. Just delete the 3rd module if you want to use it to trigger once.
20160916003018 1
Anti-Fierce Kongou

20160918145901 1

Bullet that was specifially made to hit Fierce Kongou's butt, efficiently killing them.

Also works to destroy Dyaus Pita's cape and Kyuubi's Tail.
Original recipe based on
20160904155155 1
20160904155157 1
Ultra Long Range IOD
IOD bullet powered by Ultra Range blood bullet chip. This bullet uses Sphere + Devour blood bullet chip to maximize damage, which means it's less effective against moving target since it doesn't cling to the target.
Feel free to change the Sphere into Orb: Cling to enemy if you want it to stick to the target.
GE2RB Trolling Blitz Hannibal - Sniper abuse style (00 47 SSS )

GE2RB Trolling Blitz Hannibal - Sniper abuse style (00 47 SSS )

20160918145812 1
20160918145815 1
Mole Pentabomb
20160918145802 1
Sniper's mini-meteor thanks to Ultra Range blood bullet chip and penta mechanism.
This variant shoot to the underground instead to the air which actually negates the drawback of Penta-mechanism that often interrupted by the wall.
20160918145751 1
20160918145756 1


Note: Switch the elements of each module to suit your needs.

Bullet Name Recipe
Burst Cannon
[Assault Gun]

Low-cost rounds that allows your assault gun to fire on faux full auto by rapidly pressing the fire button, while still dealing a good degree of damage. Each hit from the initial burst will restore some OP, so its best used when you have a good bead on the target to make the most of it.


With LV10 Frugal, 150OP, and no misses - the gun can be fired non-stop for around 15-20 seconds before needing to reload. Switch the laser to point-blank shot if you do not want it to penetrate beyond the target. Damage can be boosted by adding a non-slaved short shot module on the last slot.

Boltgun Bolts
[Assault Gun]


An inexpensive but powerful round that penetrates its target before exploding to cause both crushing and piercing damage. Designed to be fired in salvos at mid range for best results.


With LV10 Frugal, 150OP, and no misses - the gun can fire 11 rounds before needing to reload. Damage can be boosted by slaving an additional module to the initial shot and setting it to deploy on hit.

Bullet Name Recipe
Lance Rounds

Anti-armor rounds design for all-rounder use, thanks to the relatively low OP consumption in tandem with decent damage. The Bond Breaker module will weaken Aragami bonds through repeated hits while the laser is designed for both additional damage and striking multiple, smaller enemies group together.


With LV10 Frugal and 150OP - The gun can fire 5 shots before needing to reload. Reduce 5 and 6 to SS if you want to save on OP without sacrificing too much damage.

Cascade Rounds

The default devour rounds maximized for optimal burst damage. Best used on distant enemies to maximize the ultra range module, either while they're stationary or unaware of you. Ill-suited for close range due to the same module as it heavily reduces the damage.


One shot only, regardless of configuration. Be sure to aim for your target's most glaring weak point.


Note: Switch the elements of each module to suit your needs.

Bullet Name Recipe
Modified Meteor
[Blast Gun]

Heres a Meteor.Modified for use in Multiplay.Now with Minarie's Stagger Mechanism for rapid-firing.



Note:You can remove the FoF Chip for less OP consumption.

[Space for others]

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