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  • Homing bullets will always target the monster's weak spots (e.g. Hannibal's back scales, Vajra's head).
  • Depending on how quick the bullets hit your target, it may do less damage than intended (i.e. having a bullet make multiple other bullets on impact of an enemy). The ratio of Oracle Point consumption to damage becomes less and less equal for each simultaneous impact. Therefore, it may be more practical to have a bullet do one or two impacts only to maximize the ratio.
    • An example of this is a bullet that uses multiple bomb impacts on a single target that would do (not accurately of course) 1548 damage while using 75 Oracle Points, while a different bullet uses a normal shot that explodes on impact for 500 damage and consumes 15 Oracle Points. Therefore, if you have 100 Oracle Points, it would be more practical to use the "Missile" shot rather than the "Multi-Bomb" shot, since you're using less points for more damage.
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201104131512 002

Fire/Ice/Elec/Holy Breath

A strong bullet with solely pierce attribute.

201104131512 001

201104121722 001

Fire/Ice/Elec/Holy Trident

A bullet and 2 lasers are fired at the same time.
Looks like a fish that is swimming.

201104121722 002

201104131512 005

Delayed pain

2 shots are fired with intervals.

201104131512 003

201104131512 004

201104131513 001


The device has been modified.
At certain distances the red and blue will clash
resulting in an explosion. e.g 8th tile of practice mode.

201104131512 006

201104131513 004


You need to be a moderate distance away from the target
or else the second burst will not occur.

201104131513 003

201104131513 007

Super H

Another strong bullet that neatly uses up the OP bar.

201104131513 006


Pic Recipe



A circular wide bullet surrounds & shoots the enemy.



3-Way Shot

Approach & Shoot the enemy very close.
You can also change this into a Laser.



Burst Shot

Low OP consumption but deals a high damage.
Best suited for Gunners.



Pierce Blast

A single use powerful bullet.



Triple Dagger

A Wide-Ranged triple radials.



Heal R (Dagger)

A Wide-Ranged recovery bullet.



Heal R (Saturn)

A simple and modified version of
Minarie's recovery bullet.


Blazing Crasher

Pic Recipe

ULUS-10563 121229215822 087

Voltage Shock

A ball of thunder that explodes when it comes in contact with an Aragami. Good to use for monsters trying to run away. EDIT :) - Complete dumbster bullet. U can remove all the bombs and it will do like 5% less dmg for 50% less cost Heck the bombs in 3 and 6 don't even work, also replace the long range bullets with -extra short bullets, for even cheaper cost. Prof in the actual pic, only 17 crush dmg from 5 bombs.....

ULUS-10563 121229211439 021

ULUS-10563 121229211443 636

ULUS-10563 121229215854 249


Similar to Voltage Shock but with a little bit of tweaks and turns. It fires many shots at once to make it look like a bomb explosion.

ULUS-10563 121229211341 462

ULUS-10563 121229211345 815

ULUS-10563 121229221849 131

Laser Blaster

A bullet that shoots 6 lasers in a straight line and does decent damage. Good for continuous damage to Aragami while it's knocked down, you need to heal, revive others, or use some items.

ULUS-10563 121229212525 728

ULUS-10563 121229212530 432

ULUS-10563 12122922363 953

Target Dagger

A bullet that pierces through the enemy with 2 bombs that detonate on both sides as a complement.

ULUS-10563 121229223541 065

ULUS-10563 121229223545 260


Pic Recipe

201105091356 001


Shoot the target with 3 exploding shots.

201105091356 002

201105091357 001

201104131514 003

Trishot v1

Strike with a 3 barrel shotgun.

201104131514 001

201104131514 002

201104131514 006

Trishot v2

Knockout the enemy in the face
with an explosive 3 barrel blast.

201104131514 004

201104131514 005


Pic Recipe

201104121721 004

Blaze/Freeze/Spark/Divine Missiles

2 missiles are shot at once which home in on the enemy.
They form a V-shape pattern.

201104121720 001

201104121721 001


Pic Recipe

201104131515 002

Blaze/Freeze/Spark/Divine Shrapnel

Pierces through the enemy with circular shots.

201104131514 007

201104131515 001


Pic Recipe

201104131515 006

Fiery/Icy/Sparky/Holy Spirit

Power condensed into a single shot.

201104131515 003

201104131515 004

201105091357 002


Multiple lasers are fired off at once.

201105091357 003

201105091357 004


Pic Recipe

201104131516 002

(Internal Organ Destruction)

Stickies the enemy and deals damage over time.

201104131515 007

201104131516 001


Pic Recipe


Long Range Homing Radials

A bullet that fires 3 homing piercing radials.



Picture / Video Recipe / Description
Bullet Edit 101 - Knockback-Stagger Mechanism

Bullet Edit 101 - Knockback-Stagger Mechanism

Knockback-Stagger Mechanism

Add-on bullets which can used to minimize trigger happy stamina drain. Thanks to the stagger, you'll regain stamina faster, get a moment of invincibility, get faster shot delay (not work on assault), and reduce the knockback after each shot.

Just put the two-bullets recipe under you own custom bullet to include this mechanism on your favourite custom bullet.

201108282304 001


Pentagram Blast

Penta recipe

Just to show off a bullet that explodes in the shape of a pentagram. Actually, it deals decent damage, but it's not very useful for actual battle.


Radial Breath

Radial Breath

Damage/OP (using x1.0 multiplier) = 6,3, but you don't have to worry if you used Blaster, since blaster tend to have very high damage multiplier.

You can add more radials with 0.5 / 1 second firing condition to deal more damage, but it will lower it's DPO.

Don't worry about the errors. Radials still deals damage even though clashed with other bullets.

JP God Eater Wiki

Pic Recipe

201105091358 004

(Head Direct Hit)

Fire off a bullet that stickies the enemy and does damage.
For a slower but more accurate version:
The first bullet should be 90^ up, not 60^ up.

201105091358 005

201105091358 006



Another version of Radial Breath that has faster DPS, with the obvious downside being decreased chance of aragami knockback. Great against aragami that are highly mobile.


201105091359 001

Bomb Bullet

A basic explosive shot.

201105091359 002

201104092252 002

Heaven Piercer

Your basic auto laser.

201104092252 001

201104092308 002

Mole Bullet

A heat-seeking bullet moves through the ground,
then pops up and hits the enemy.
Good for aggroing enemies that have run away.

201104092306 007


Pic Recipe

201108162233 004


Radials travel on a path towards the enemy.

201108162233 001

201108162233 002

Lance (Dark Wolf)

Pic Recipe

201104082315 002

Sucker Shot

See IOD.

201104082315 004

201104082315 005

Lewis Tang

Pic Recipe

201104131511 003

Bullet Tornado

A spinning dance of radials.

201104131511 001

201104131511 002




God Eater Shadow Haze Combo-0

God Eater Shadow Haze Combo-0


God Eater (LEG CRUSH) Dyaus Pita-0

God Eater (LEG CRUSH) Dyaus Pita-0


  • A ground attack that targets the enemy's legs.
  • Specially designed to CRUSH DYAUS PITA'S LEGS and other 4 legs monsters.

NOTE: If you're playing DOTA and know how to use SHADOW FIEND (NEVERMORE), I think it will be easier for you to use this kind of bullet. Remember that it won't work in NON-FLAT SURFACE.


Pic Recipe

201105091400 002

(Fire Laser Shower Destruction)

A shower of lasers from above.

201105091400 003

201105091400 004


Pic Recipe

Mini Heal Circle 3

Mini Heal Circle

Creates a small healing circle in front of you.
Effective for healing AI-controlled allies.

Mini Heal Circle 1

Mini Heal Circle 2

Wide Heal Circle 3

Wide Heal Circle

Creates a large healing circle.
Effective for healing multiple allies in the front lines.

Wide Heal Circle 1

Wide Heal Circle 2

Auto Heal Circle 3

Auto Heal Circle

Creates a homing mini-healing circle.
Easy to use but costly OP wise.

Auto Heal Circle 1

Auto Heal Circle 2

Twin Heal Beam 3

Twin Heal Beam

Double homing healing beams.
Effective on healing an ally currently attacking at melee range.

Twin Heal Beam 1

Twin Heal Beam 2

Full Cure 3

Full Cure

The strongest recovery bullet with homing properties.
Heals 80 HP.

Full Cure 1

Full Cure 2

Prismatic Arrow 3

K+S Homing Radials

Three homing radials with knockback + stagger mechanism.
Allows rapid fire for Blast Guns.

Prismatic Arrows 1

Prismatic Arrows 2

Sacred Sky Stab 3

Sky Stab

An easy-to-use version of the Radial Breath+Knockback Mechanism Bullet from Mornsta's Section.

Sacred Sky Stab 1

Sacred Sky Stab 2

Invulnerability 3


Grants more than 1 second invulnerability from all attacks during Gun Mode in exchange for 10 OP. A must bullet for all snipers.

Invulnerability 1

Dual Piercing 3

Dual Piercing

Most powerful piercing bullet in GEB. Ideally used against Aragami fleeing in a straight line.

Dual Piercing 1


Pic Recipe

201107101406 001

Bullet Rain

-Requested Bullet-
A thundercloud of bullets chases after the enemy.

201107101404 001

201107101404 002

Shot Damage

Don't think, just shoot.

Shot Recipe

Radial Damage

Radial Breath + Knockback Mechanism
Fires a condensed ray that knocks Aragami off their feet.
See Jashinsamael's section for more information.

Radial Recipe 1

Radial Recipe 2

201107011951 004


The basic automated heal bullet.

201107011951 001

201107011952 003

Heal R

Set up a heal point. No need to aim.

201107011951 005


Pic Recipe

201105091411 001


Do a scribble around the enemy.

201105091411 002

201105091411 003

201105091411 004


The basic autolaser, with a nice touch.

201105091412 001

201105091412 002

201105091412 004

Burst Hammer

Pound the ground to cause a shockwave.

201105091418 001

201105091418 002

201105091412 006


Summon a mystical bullet.

201105091413 002

201105091413 003

201105091413 004


Hit the enemy without fail.

201105091413 005

201105091413 006

201104121721 010


The angelic plume shall be the knife of justice.

201104121721 005

201104121721 006


Pic Recipe

201104082158 007

Fire/Ice/Shock/God Burst

When the shot hits the target,
the enemy is hit from the front and sides.

201104082158 001

201104082158 002


Pic Recipe

201105091400 008


Bullets travel on a set pathway.

201105091400 009

201105091401 001


Pic Recipe
【GOD EATER BURST】 クイックドロー エリック右だ!

【GOD EATER BURST】 クイックドロー エリック右だ!

Quick Draw

A bullet that can complete Quick Draw easily.

223325 1377460333539 1742790821 623640 2157452 n


Pic Recipe

Volcano Pilum check

Volcano Pilum V3

A bullet shows of a replica of a Hannibal's attack, The bullet was usually from Lmabaylan.

Volcano pilum V3


Pic Recipe

201105091359 003


A continuous stream of bullets.

201105091359 004


Pic Recipe

201105091357 005


Fire off 4 or 5 (add 7 slot radial press this button)
adjacent radials.

201105091357 006

201105091357 007

201105091358 001


Set 6 explosions.

201105091358 002

201105091358 003

201107011959 001

Radial ray

Attack with short distance in front.

Decoshot can be tight or wider.

201107011958 001

201107011958 002


Pic Recipe

201105091359 005

Gatling Battery

Lays out a battery of 3 orbs that
face the enemy and fire a barrage of bullets.

201105091359 006

201105091400 001


Pic Recipe

201105091400 005


Bullets rain down from the sky.

201105091400 006

201105091400 007

201105091408 002

V Shape Bullet

More like heart shaped bullet.

201105091408 001

201105091408 003


Pic Recipe

201105091409 001

Wind Scar

A bullet that imitates
Inuyasha's signature attack. It has to be 15^ up instead of 45^ to work in an actual mission

201105091409 002

201105091409 003

201105091409 004

F/I/T/D Orbit

A continuous circular bullet surrounds you.
You can also make one that hits your enemy in 4 places.

201105091409 005

201105091409 006