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This page is for bullets made in God Eater Resurrection and the demo. Due to the removal of Blood Bullet modules, many high-powered recipes from GE2 and GE2RB are no longer valid. For this reason, certain new modules have been added to compensate.

  • Recipes from GE2 and GE2RB CANNOT be placed here, due to the lack of Blood Bullet modules and the change in shape/functionality of certain other modules.

Bullets Shared by:

(Post your creations here and spread your ideas to other people. If you need help with editing contact an Admin. You may find using the Classic Editor better.)

LittleBigEater (aka Deaddoctor2010)

Blast Bullets

Rocket-Shot x2
God Eater Resurrection- Blast Bullets - Rocket-Shot x2

God Eater Resurrection- Blast Bullets - Rocket-Shot x2

Made for the Blast Gun Type, I made this during an attempt to make a bullet similar to the "Falling Star" bullet Matt made for GE2RB.

While not as powerfull as falling star, the Rocket-Shot x2 fires two deco lasers upwards, targets the aragami and fires "twin rockets" (4 shot bullets) at the target twice.

  • Damage varies depending on the target. Dose more damage when aragami lets its gaurd down or hits it weak spots & unbounded arears.
  • Its Recomended to use skills that up your Gun & Bullet attacks.
  • Helpful with bringing aerial targets to the ground quickly & killing smaller aragami off quickly.
  • For ultimate effect, charge oracle reserve to max then spam the fire button
  • Can be made into: Blaze, Freeze, Spark & Divine bullets

Matt (Seieireppa)

Bullet Name Recipe

Aerial Explosion: Blaze/Freeze/Spark/Divine


A serial aerial homing bullet. Tracks the target and delivers successive shots from above.


  • Range is extremely high, so this is good for users who wish to fight from a distance.

Big Explosion: Blaze/Freeze/Spark/Divine


(Original) An aerial homing bullet that tracks the target's position and delivers a large explosion upon hitting the ground.


  • Uses the bomb module that does not hit allies. If you don't care about hitting your allies or wish to go solo, you can switch to the non-discriminatory bomb module for a significantly lower OP cost.

Blaze/Freeze/Spark/Divine Sword


A Blast bullet that sweeps in front of the user with an elemental blade.


  • Similarly to above, uses the discriminatory radial module. Feel free to use the non-discriminatory variant for a lower OP cost. HOWEVER, BE ADVISED THAT DOING SO WILL CAUSE THE BULLET TO STAGGER YOU AS IT SWEEPS AROUND.

Blaze/Freeze/Spark/Divine Ray


A Blast bullet that fires off an angled radial that travels forward a great distance.


  • Again, keep in mind the note about the discriminatory module.
  • Has extremely long range, similarly to the Aerial Explosion bullet from above.
  • You don't actually need the second module. It's just there for effect. The bullet still works perfectly without it.

Laser Rain

Laser rain 1

(Original) A Sniper bullet that hits the target's weak spot with three simultaneous lasers from above.


  • The 0-OP nonelemental shot module is simply for lessening OP cost. Feel free to replace it with a deco-laser for show.
  • Can be adapted to all elements easily due to the 25-OP laser beam module existing in all elements.
Laser rain 2

Goddess Blade: ∑

Goddess blade 1

(Original) A Blast bullet that extends a LL radial outwards from above to hit out-of-reach or hard to reach unboundable parts.

Goddess blade 2

Double Slash

Double slash 1

(Original) A Blast bullet that slashes the target twice in quick succession, once from each side.


  • Has a relatively low damage-OP ratio, and its range is relatively short, but it is useful for hitting multiple parts simultaneously if enemy size/speed is a concern.
  • The L radials can be replaced with LL radials for vastly higher damage at the expense of huge OP cost (~200).
Double slash 2
Double slash 3

Aerial Homing

Aerial 1

(Original) The most elementary, basic aerial homing (Assault) bullet possible with added OP return functionality. Designed for maximum damage-OP efficiency.


  • Due to the Control: Faces Enemy module, you don't even need to face the target directly.
Aerial 2

Dual-Function Homing


(Original) A homing bullet that hits the target from both in front and above simultaneously. Useful for situations where one or another might be inaccessible.


  • Again, due to the Control: Faces Enemy module, you don't even need to face the target. However, in this case, you can face absolutely any direction and it will still hit.

Ray Aurora: ∑


(Original) A massively powerful healing bullet that heals past 100 HP for a guaranteed full heal or for allies that have HP Up 10.


  • Essentially a modified Radial Breath.
  • You can remove any number of the L Healing Radials for a lower cost at the expense of less healing.
Aurora 2



(Original) A short-range bullet that unleashes two radials in a cross formation.


  • Not very effective on small-sized Aragami. The bigger the target, the farther they can afford to be from the center of the cross.


X burner 1

(Original) Inspired by the manga/anime Katekyō Hitman Reborn!. Fires radial bullets in front of and behind the user.


  • Extremely situational, and tricky to use properly. Best used when sandwiched between two Aragami in front of and behind you, so use the minimap or trust your instincts.
X burner 2

Spiral Shot


(Original) A fancy homing bullet that traces a spiral shape in the air around the bullet itself.


Trident Spear


(Original) A bullet that fires forth three radial spears simultaneously. Useful for dealing multiple hits of crush damage to an Aragami's legs at once.


Triple Shot


(Original) A long-range modified/concentrated version of the Trident Spear. Three radials converge on the target.


  • At a certain range, the radials will clash and disappear, but you likely won't be engaging the enemy from far enough away for it to matter.

Subterranean Module Combination (SMC)


(Original) A simple bullet module combination to allow a bullet to work underground.


  • The wide rotation deco-laser is only to illustrate the effect. You can raise the child module by changing the parent module to regular or tight rotation.



(Original) An extension of the SMC that blasts spinning radials from below the target's feet. If you've used the Shadow Haze bullet from GEB, this should be simple to use.


  • Change the third module's condition to "0.2 seconds after 2" to increase the range. Similarly, you can change the condition to "0.5 seconds after 2" and change the second module to a long-range deco-laser to increase the range further.

Invisible Radiator


(Original) A bullet that uses the invisible M nonelemental round to hit the enemy with a two-part radial blast from enormous distance.


  • Feel free to point your gun in whichever direction when firing. In testing, this bullet still hits even when aimed all the way to the left or right.

All-Range Healing Laser


(Original) A tweaked aerial homing healing laser that has been modified to be able to hit at near point-blank range where other such bullets would be unable.


Asshole Beam


(Original) Designed to be as unwieldy as possible. Farts out a huge LL radial blast behind the user, along with a bunch of lasers because why the hell not?


  • Do not use this.

Asshole Bomb


(Original) Designed to be as unwieldy as possible. Fires four simultaneous LL bombs at point-blank range for 812 OP.


  • It can hit the enemy, but only at literally point-blank range; you need to be touching the enemy for it to hit.
  • Do not use this.

Lightspeed HDH

Lightspeed 1

(Original) A sniper bullet that lands a direct hit on the target's weak spot from high above at instantaneous speed.


  • Because this bullet uses the Sniper Bullet module, the bullet is guaranteed to connect as the shot happens instantaneously.
Lightspeed 2
Lightspeed 3



(Original) Traces out a brilliant spiraling sphere in the air before firing a sniper bullet directly at the target's weak spot.


  • More for art than anything. However, it is still somewhat useful for landing a single, unobstructed hit on, say, a Chi-You's head, where something like Lightspeed HDH would deal less damage—and for impressing your friends.

Helixphere Neo

Helixn 1

(Original) An improved version of the Helixphere. Uses the Sniper: Strengthens Over Distance module to actually output reasonable damage while still being flashy. Change the radius of rotation for a larger sphere.

Helixn 2
Helixn 3

Paper Fan

Fan 1

(Original) Strikes a target's legs with three successive radials from the side.

Fan 2

Heal Blast

Heal blast 1

(Original) A simple short-ranged healing bullet with a wide AOE. Adjust the length of module 1 and the trigger for module 2 if you want a longer/shorter range.

Heal blast 2

Rotary Blade

Rotary 1

(Original) A simple, low-cost bullet that strikes all around the user with an inward-facing spinning radial. Uses the knockback-stagger mechanism for faster firing. Adjust the radius of module 1 for a wider AOE, if desired.

Rotary 2

Light of Ruin

Ruin e 1

(Original) An updated version of my Light of Ruin bullet from GE2RB. Uses a hidden underground penta formula to power up a radial blast that shoots out from below to great distance.

Ruin e 2
Ruin e 3


Penetrator 1

(Original) An HDH bullet that strikes from underground. Meant for use against Aragami such as Chi-Yous whose weak points are guarded from aerial approach and largely not vulnerable to standard HDH bullets. Lowers defense on a critical hit, although this effect can be substituted.

Penetrator 2
Penetrator 3

Vulcanus 2

Vulcanus e 1

(Original) A modified version of the Vulcanus, with wider AOE. Length of module 2 and trigger of module 3 can be adjusted for greater range.

Vulcanus e 2
Vulcanus e 3

Cross Shot

Cross 1

(Original) A simple Crush-based double HDH bullet for blast guns.

Cross 2
Cross 3


Eruptor 1

(Original) A flashy, not very useful bullet that shoots three radials in a row in front of you from underground.

Eruptor 2
Eruptor 3

Blast Fang

Fang 1

(Original) Similar to my Blaster bullet from GE2/RB. Uses a penta formula to deploy a massive radial blast at decent range.

Fang 2
Fang 3


Phantasmagoria 1

(Original) A simple HDH sniper bullet with flash effects.

Phantasmagoria 2
Phantasmagoria 3

Zero Laser


(Original) The coolest fucking bullet in the entire goddamn world.


Dual Cyclo-Laser


(Original) Establishes and circles around two points from which sniper bullets are fired.


Sky Laser


(Original) Light of Ruin, but upside-down. Pretty simple.


Seven Days of Fire


(Original) Traces out an LL radial in front before exploding, similar to the attack used by the Giant God Warriors from Nausicaä (from which this bullet takes its name).


Spiral Power


(Original) A simple HDH radial with spiral decoration.


Chain Blast


(Original) Fires off three successive blasts in front of the user. Size can be adjusted for more power at the expense of more OP cost.



Bullet Name Recipe

Melee Bomber


A simple Bomb bullet combined with knockback stagger mechanism. Don't worry about the error, in the actual combat, the orb will hit you, thus the bomb will be unhindered. You may change L-Bomb into LL-Bomb for bigger damage per shot and bigger radius, although it will reduce the damage/op

It need to be noted that you need to be very close to your enemy. 

The gameplay involving this bullet can be seen here: 

Rank 10 True Moon in the Welkin:

Rank 13 Blitz Hannibal (LL version):


Ultra Long Range HDH - Non Elemental ver.


Classic HDH bullet that take advantage of Sniper bullet that gain extra damage over distance to deal huge raw damage. 

Effectivity varies depending on the enemy. Unlike old HDH, this bullet might not be very effective against Sariel (unless you change it into elemental version)

Feel free to change the element if you want.

The gameplay involving this bullet can be seen here:

Rank 6 Bestial Twilight:


GE2's  Meteor - Triple Explosion ver.


The classic overpowered bullet of GE2 everyone love and hate. Due to balance changes since GE2 1.40, the meteor deal far less damage if it not hit the Aragami weak spot. With 40s delay, you might have a hard time to accurately hit weak spot, thus highly unreliable.

Need to be noted that 1st (mod 8) and 2nd (mod 6) explosion will intersect to each other after 0.2s, thus reducing the radius a little bit.

And yes, combined with right equipments and skills, against certain aragami it may hit for 99999 damage per hit (hidden attack + exterminator, against non-target aragami)

  • Please do use Bomb that not hit friendlies during multiplayer

Quick Meteor - Twin Explosion ver.


The quick version of Meteor, with knockback stagger add on. Hit 2 times and has knockback stagger mechanism add on. Definitely much more reliable due to quick delay.

Ignore the error during bullet edit, as the Bomb will hit the knockback stagger mechanism.

  • Please do use Bomb that not hit friendlies during multiplayer

Quick Meteor - Quad Explosion ver.

GER Challenge - Beauty End - VS Venus Solo 01 13 SSS

GER Challenge - Beauty End - VS Venus Solo 01 13 SSS

The quick version of Meteor that hit 4 times by sacrificing  knockback stagger mechanism add on. 

It need to be noted that, this bullet will suffer a lot from damage penalty, unless you're using control unit: Power Strike: Bullet. (the video above didn't use this CU)

(fun fact: if used alongside strenghten over time / strenghten vertically type bullet, Power Strike: Bullet will only negate damage penalty instead of improving bullet damage, cmiiw)

  • Please do use Bomb that not hit friendlies during multiplayer

Mission Overhead - 5s Clear Bullet

「GOD EATER RESURRECTION」Rank 14 - 頭上注意 Lv30 - 5 Seconds Clear

「GOD EATER RESURRECTION」Rank 14 - 頭上注意 Lv30 - 5 Seconds Clear

The bullet specially made to finish Rank 15 - Watch Out Overhead mission quickly without aiming.

Can be used to effectively grind for AP / GAP / Abandoned God Arcs.



Bullet Name Recipe

Raging Wave

a.k.a. Vulcanus type 3

A modified Vulcanus whereas radials go into a straight line instead of rotating.. long reach double wave radials that starts at the 3rd cell on the training

credits to the gu who made the vulcanus

(v > u<)=b


Penta thingy or sumthin.. i dunno, just gonna call em Blaze Ring or whatever

(not original)


they said it was a basic penta formula thingy i dunno, am new to the series all am doin is translating and ask people bout em but anyways, a good bullet recipe that hits hard when aimed properly.. credits to the guy in the vid below for sharin his recipe

    • you can also change the shot modules to S for early use.. nets you at about 50OP per shot if you dont have frugality, decent dmg for starters**
    • P.S. you can edit the name for this one as i really am clueless about that penta formula thing lol* 

actual bullet gameplay can be seen here:



Loop Shot

(not original)


Long Range Sniper Bullet that deals a good amount of damage,.. plus it looks pretty cool lol

(/ > o<)/ ring of fiyaaar!! O

a recipe from GE2 one of those bullets that still works not as good i presume but it still works nonetheless..

credits to the original on the GE2 section i kind of just translated em after i got pissed messin around with some recipes xD



Jamil (Narutoband)

Bullet Name Recipe

Sticky Bomb

(Can change elements to suit needs)


Sticky Bomb Preview

A simple Sticky Bomb bullet inspired by 3 other bullets. The Radical Wave bullet from GEB, Jashinsamael's Metior bullet, and the in-game Trap Bomb.

Still has a 32 sec delay, but allows you to aim it at a weak spot.

Cost 918 OP, mainly for those like me who want to spend most of their time fighting in sword-form.

Use with Power Strike: Bullet control unit for maximum effect :D


Sticky Bomb 1


Sticky bomb 2


Bullet Name Bullet Recipe


20170829182410 1

Utilizes the Anti-Gravity module to maximize the bomb's overall damage.

271 OP cost but can go lower with Frugal and Trigger Happy Skill.

Recommended to use Bomb Master and Power Strike(Bullet) for more damage output.

Perfect for those who play mostly on mid to close range combat.

Note: Regarding the bullet's name. B - Blast(Sn - Sniper, A - Assault, Sh - Shotgun), 271 - OP cost, Dv - Divine(Bl - Blaze, Fr - Freeze, Sp - Spark), Bmb - Bomb

20170829182344 1

20170829182349 1
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