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Burst Arts are a game mechanic newly introduced in God Eater 3 that resemble God Eater 2's Blood Arts.
Every melee weapon type has three categories: Ground, Jump and Step which improve or change some of the weapon's movesets.

List of Burst Arts

Short Blade Burst Art GE3.png Short Blade: Burst Arts Long Blade Burst Art GE3.png Long Blade: Burst Arts Buster Blade Burst Art GE3.png Buster Blade: Burst Arts
Boost Hammer Burst Art GE3.png Boost Hammer: Burst Arts Charge Spear Burst Art GE3.png Charge Spear: Burst Arts Variant Scythe Burst Art GE3.png Variant Scythe: Burst Arts
Biting Edge Burst Art GE3.png Biting Edge: Burst Arts Heavy Moon Burst Art GE3.png Heavy Moon: Burst Arts


Burst Arts

Burst Arts are techniques that can only be used while in Burst mode.
Only AGEs have enough Oracle Cell bounds to perform them.

Burst Arts are divided into three categories: ground, aerial, and step. A Burst Art can be set for each category, and available Burst Arts differ based on the God Arc's melee weapon.

Burst Arts improve with use, and doing this enough can lead to new abilities awakening.

Chance of Awakening

Hitting an Aragami with a Burst Art will raise its Chance of Awakening. When this reaches 100%, it will improve the ability or awaken new abilities.

Using Burst Arts on stronger foes improves the rate at which Chance of Awakening builds, while fighting weaker foes will cause it to build up more slowly.

BA Effect

BA effects are secondary abilities that trigger at the same time as Burst Arts.
A BA Effect can be used by setting it into a Burst Art.
Improving Burst Arts can Lead to the discovery of new BA Effects.


  • Since Burst Arts can only be used by AGEs, every other God Eater, such as Claire and Ricardo don't have one.
    • Interestingly, Ein has something that resembles GE2's Blood Arts.

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