• Ice Nova: Drops on all four and starts gathering energy, shortly after massive Ice spikes erupt around the Caligula, albeit the range is not that great.
  • Tail spin: Raises left arm and leans forward, performs a clockwise spin and strikes with the tail.
  • Swipe: A quick left armed swipe in front.
  • Blade swipe: Extends the blades on both arms and performs a forward swipe with each. If the Blades are broken, this move has significantly shorter range as they cannot extend.
  • Rush: Raises on two legs and starts running towards its target, swiping at it with both arms when getting inrange.
  • Forward Flip: Leans down on one arm before flipping forward and trying to punch the nearest opponent. Very small range, so it shouldn't hit unless you are standing right in its face.
  • Flying Rush: Gathers energy in right arm and flies into the air. Then it will charge forward its target, and on impact generates a pillar of ice. Afterwards performs a front flip and turns around.
  • Dragon Breath: Rears head up, then starts breathing solid ice in front of it in a half-circle. First from left to right, then vice versa. After that it will roar in challenge.
  • Backflip: Jumps backwards, releasing a small shockwave.
  • Backwards Flip: Derived from a Backflip, it might not just jump back, but also turn in midair before landing.
  • Ice Breath: Gathers a ball of ice in the mouth, before shooting a sphere of ice at target. Has small horizontal homing capability.
  • Ice Pillar: Leans forward on the left arm, while generating an Icicle blast in the ground which will erupt shortly under the feat of the target.
  • Booster Rush: Unlocked after the head is unbound. Generates a rush of Ice first before jumping into the air, then it summons a ball of lightning in the left hand and drops on target with it trying to stun. After that it performs an extended blade swipe with the right arm.

Aragami Bullets

God Eater Burst

Name Description
Coquito Spilum Fire a high piercing icicle shot.
Incitatus's Breath Fire an icy tornado.
Double Iceblast Fire 2 consecutive huge homing blue blasts.

God Eater Resurrection

Name Description
Cassius's Wrath Fires a high-piercing icicle shot, similar to the "Coquito Spilum" bullet.

Aragami Materials

Pic Material Name Devour Rates per Difficulty
2 3 4 5 6 7 DLC
Bahamut Armor
Bahamut Manifier
Bahamut Blue Fang
Bahamut Edge
Bahamut Helm
Glacial Crystal
Bahamut Blue Wing
Bahamut Tinsel

Part Pic Material Name Bonus Rates per Difficulty
7 8 9 CH DLC

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