Item Prefix: Bahamut
Origin: Unknown
Breakable Parts: Head, Booster (Back), Right Arm & Left Arm
Attribute: Freeze
Weak Point: Head
Elemental Weakness: Blaze/Spark
Elemental Resistance: {{{resistance}}}
HeadingBRelated Species

A DLC aragami who rules over ice, known as the frozen emperor.

HeadingBAdditional Information

Caligula is the name of an ancient Roman emperor famous for his cruelty and depravity.

It has resistance to Hold.

HeadingBAragami Bullets
Name Description
Coquito Spilum Fire a high piercing icicile shot.
Incitatus's Breath Fire a icy tornado.
Double Iceblast Fire 2 consecutive huge homing blue blasts.
Caligula-1 Caligula-2 Caligula-3
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