Camille Rembrandt (Camille Lamblin in the English translation) is a God Eater featured exclusively in one of Haruomi's Character Episodes, specifically the one that focus on his pants fetish.


Camille hails from Fenrir Marseille Branch. She visited Fenrir Far East Branch, only for one specific mission with Haruomi and the Protagonist.


Camille Lamblin (26 y.o.)

Joined the Fenrir Marseille Branch in 2067.

Born: May 1, Height: 169cm

Mainly works as an escort for inter-branch supply transports. Her knowledge of Aragami habits and migratory routes is considerable, and so she also specializes in long range reconnaissance. She often feigns fatigue near safe spots so that she can grab a few minutes for some light reading.

God Arc: 2nd Generation Long Blade/Assault Gun


Camille seems to be a mature woman, but tend to get serious in missions.


Camille has greyish-brown hair and golden ochre eyes. She wears the Parrot set of top and bottom. Her God Arc equipment include the common Blade (Long Blade), Type 50 Auto Gun (Assault Gun) and the Support Shield.

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  • Camille's last name, Rembrandt might be a reference to Rembrandt Harmenszoon van Rijn, a Dutch painter and etcher that was considered one of the greatest painters and printmakers in European Art.
  • Camille's hairstyle is available in God Eater Resurrection, where she can be created as a player character.

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