Carrie Yu is a God Eater featured exclusively in one of Haruomi's Character Episodes in God Eater 2, specifically the one that focus on his knee high fetish.


Carrie hails from the Fenrir Singapore Branch. She visited Fenrir Far East Branch, only for one specific mission with Haruomi and the Protagonist.


Carrie Yu (24 y.o.)

Joined the Fenrir Singapore Branch in 2068.

Born: August 9, Height: 167cm

Leaving Fenrir, she is now a member of the "World Heritage Protection Committee." Her primary duties include excavating and protecting cultural heritage sites around the world that were buried by Aragami attacks. Despite operating primarily in Southeast Asia, she appears to have a strong interest in Far Eastern manga and anime related relics.

God Arc: 2nd-Generation Short Blade/Shotgun


She is very energetic and she's also a fan of Bugarally.


Her hair is dark green, and her eyes are teal. She wears the Prim Cafe Shirt Top and the Fuchizama Uniform Bottom.

Carrie's equipment set consist of a Knife Short Blade, a gray-variant of the Type 20 Gat Shotgun, and a gray-variant of the Common Shield.

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  • Carrie's last name, Yue might be a reference to Yuyue, an ancient state in China.
  • Carrie's hairstyle is available in God Eater Resurrection, where it is entirely possible to create her as a player character.

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