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  • Left Arm slash: Steps forward and slashes at target. It can be evaded with a step if moving within range of the arms.
  • Blade Stab: Continuing from the Left Arm Slash, it performs a spin and extends the right arm blades before going in for the stab.
  • Left arm Swipe: A fast close range swipe with the left arm.
  • Double Scratch: After a step, stabs forward with one blade and then performs a backflip to finish it of with another blade attack.
  • Rush: Howls are target before rushing at it and performing a slow but powerful cut with the blades.
  • Slash storm: Tears up the ground with a powerful right arm blade and sends debris flying around itself in a medium area, covering its entire body.
  • Shockwave: Raises the right arm high, before slamming it down at the ground and releasing a shockwave.
  • Large sweep: Swings the right arms blade around in a wide circle, before flipping over to land a small distance away.
  • Flip Rush: Expands the blade from the right arm, howls at target before flipping backwards and then using that momentum to spring forward and stab.
  • Backflip: Slams both arms on the ground in front of it, using its momentum to flip backwards.
  • Feral Rush: Only available while Enraged. Expands both arms blades and the howls at target, then rushes straight at it and performs a fast and powerful stabs.

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Aragami Bullets


Defense Attributes

The numbers below represent a percentage estimate of the Aragami's defense (From 1% to 100%) for the specified attributes. The higher the value, the weaker your attack will be.

Attributes for God Eater 2: Rage Burst, God Eater Resurrection and God Eater 3

Part Gun Blade Elemental
Crush Pierce Sunder Crush Pierce Blaze Freeze Spark Divine
Head (Unbound) 45, (40) 45, (40) 40, (25) 35, (30) 40, (30) O x, (xx)
Neck 70 70 70 65 65 O
Arms (Unbound) 40, (20) 80, (60) 45, (40) 35, (25) 50, (20) O x
Body 50 25 75 70 70 O
Front Legs 70 55 70, [60] 65, [55] 40, [30] O x
Hid Legs (Unbound) 75, (60) 75, (50) 50, (30) 65, (45) 40, (30) O x
Tail 85 85 90 70 90 OO
Blade 40 80 45 35 35 OO x

Note: Once enraged, the defense versus melee attacks are more effective on the Front legs of the Chrome Gawain.

Aragami Materials


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