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Ciel Alençon

GE2 Ciel
Missions available at:
Story 25 Episodes 1, 2, 3
Story 91 Episodes 4, 5
Episode 1 - Unlocks after reaching Story 25
"Ciel wants to report the findings on Blood Bullets that she and the maintenance crew discovered."
Objective Notes
"Listen to Ciel's Report." Talk to Ciel using triangle.
After clear summary:
"They learned that Blood Bullets are mutated modules possessing unique characteristics. Ciel felt something special working together."
Episode 2 - Unlocks right after episode 1
"To further her understanding, Ciel has been inspecting customized bullets for all gun types. Now she has moved on to Blood Bullet variations."
Objective Notes
"Help identify Blood Bullet variations." Talk to Ciel using triangle. Take part in the "Outsiders" mission to clear the episode
Mission Location Aragami
Tornado Alley: Wailing Plains. Gboro-Gboro, Ogretail, Dreadpike.
Mission Name: Outsiders
Difficulty: 2
How to clear: Defeat the 2 Orgetails & 2 Dreadpike that spawn as the mission starts. A few moments after killing them the Gboro-Gboro will spawn. Defeat the Gboro-Gboro to Clear the mission.
Ciel learns the skill: BB Pierce Sniper.
After clear summary:
"The inspection was a success. The fact that the bullet mutation rate is tied to resonance waves in battle was confirmed."
Episode 3 - Unlocks right after episode 2
"Ciel is working to analyze Blood Bullets, but has hit a dead end. Talk to her to learn more."
Objective Notes
"Help Ciel resolve a problem" Talk to Ciel using triangle. Take part in "The Hunter and the Bait" mission to clear the episode
Mission Location Aragami
Urban Park Area: Abandoned City. Fallen Cocoon Maiden (Spark), Fallen Ogretail, Ogretail, Dreadpike.
Mission Name: The Hunter and the Bait
Dificulty: 2
How to Clear: Kill all Aragami in this mission.
You can now use the Bullet Editor.
Ciel's Blood Art improved
Ciel learned the skill: BB Prc. FoF Bm.
After clear summary:
"Ciel succeeded in her experiment to extract a mutant module sample, allowing the customization of Blood Bullet. You promised to continue assisting her research."
Episode 4 - Unlocks at Story 91
Objective Notes
Take Ciel on missions untill event icon shows, then take Ciel on a Free mission when event icon show when selecting the character. Take Ciel on about 3 Free missions.
Character Unlocks: TBC
Episode 5 - Unlocks after Episode 4
Objective Notes
Talk to Ciel and go on the rank 6 mission with her, clear the mission to clear the episodes. Rank 6 mission.
Mission Location Aragami
Character Unlocks: TBC
Episode 6 - Unlocks after episode 5
Objective Notes
Clear all of Ciel's episodes. You have completed Ciel's Character episode.

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