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Notes & Comments
Baluar (Bal) Story
Bal's insights: I like it, but it's my creation, so its a biased opinion. Anyway, I've been told it's good, and, uh, I don't know, I'd suggest you to read it? :P (Btw, early chapters are kinda weird, but thry're not that bad)

Beo: I dont read it much, when I see it it's really great but I dont understand some stuff since I dont read it dont counts lol but what I saw it really have epic scenes with a well-planned plot (Bal: well planned... rofl).

Lyrr: Get better over time. Now you can have decent action with good plot.

Call me Ken or Accel (Ken) Story
Bal's insights: Lots and lots and lots of dialogue (it's written like a theater... thing) do not prevent this from having nice amounts of action (but not that much). It's enjoyable, trust me.

Some thoughts? (Beo): Good but more action would be cooler.

Ken's critique: The earlier chapters are kinda $#!+ because I'm stupid back then but the recent one are better. I also thinking off remake the older chapters...

Lyrr: Story about a prototype who lost his girl, now being someone's Oni-chan... Action included in the pack.

Vaince321 (Arthur) Story
Bal's insights: Let's make it short: it's awesome. It's getting weird in the last few episodes, but it's not a change for the bad...

Beo: This fanfic is priceless, really great. It combines a good history and really enjoyable battles, if you didnt read it. Go now!

Lyrr: Haft Aragami epic battles plus an increasingly harem plus some cameo you would never expect^^

Author's Notes(Arc 1): This is actually one thing I can't stop thinking inside my head for years after finishing GEB. It was worth a blast after working on it and my head feels like there's more coming in.

Author's Notes(Arc 2): The continuation of the 1st Arc with more action packed battles and improving formats that replaced the old one. Author's Notes(Arc 3): This one will have mind blowing decisions that will put you as the main Character of this story. Experience how you control his fate and destiny, will you serve him retribution or leave desolation in your wake... The choice is yours to make.

Author's Notes(Arc 4): 15 Years after Arc 3, will Arthur figure out how his past is what makes him different than others? Or will he repeat the same mistakes until the Augments consume his mind into a higher being?

BeoBlade (Beo) - Last Overdrive Story
Bal's insights: When Fenrir is a S-O-B, you know it's probably a good story you've got on your hands. Some bad English, but understandable and enjoyable.

Autor's Note (The Last Overdrive):'This is my first attemp on making Fanfics so yeah, you can say it's crap like Ken's earlier fanfic chapters. Basically it shows the truth of Fenrir and I am planning to rewriting everything soon.

Author's Note (Final Punishment): This is the 2nd season from my Fanfic, 5 years later from The Last Overdrive and is a lot better than the previous one. This series dont use much the story of the truth beyond Fenrir and it works more as a Shounen with Seinen elements.

Lyrr: Used to have a lot of errors, which hinder the enjoyment a little. But it's gotten better now. My bookmark in Seinen genre.

Seieireppa (Matt) Story
Bal's insights: Choose your adventure! Wether a great mystery story; a tale in which the world's fate comes into play and lies in the hands of a young, gifted engineer and a mysterious, shadowy man; or a tale of a world that would give nightmares to the average God Eater. Whatever the case, you'll probably find it hard to be disappointed with this. Just remember not to read NMMA chapter 4 comments, ok?

Beo: It can blow up your mind thinking of who is the culprit. Let's find out, just two things, dont read chapter 4 comments and dont read chapter 5 until you see the other ones and he has a very good history for God Eater Sigma, go read it!

Author's notes (GE:U): Fanfics United has begun! I hope you will all stick around for the most epic tale this wiki has ever seen! ;)

Author's notes (NMMA): My first attempt at writing an actual mystery. I wanted to integrate the world of God Eater into something fans of both GE and mysteries could enjoy equally. Do enjoy, and remember, phrasing is important.

Author's notes (GE∑): This is a tale of meetings and departures. Here, I seek to showcase instances of conflicting ideologies, and what these conflicts can do to all those involved. A decidedly more serious and downcast tale than my previous work.

Lyrr: Conan didn't quite expected that...

Becareless's Story

Becareless (Author): Within the Fenrir Southeast Branch lies a team named Blood βeta with every members having their own unique stories. Follow Gabriel, Audrey, Luke, Lyra and Vincent on unraveling these so-called stories.

Arthur: Wings of Tomorrow follows the story of Gabriel and his adventures with four as they go under the squad name Blood βeta.

God Eater: Alterverse

God Eater: Alterverse is the name given to the shared universe in which most, if not all of the fan-made stories listed here, take place.


While the Alterverse does indeed share the canon universe's basic setting and all of its characters, it also adds a large amount of user content.

Listing the entirety of the storylines that happen in the Alterverse would be impractical for several reasons. As a community with a high percentage of writers in it, we strongly encourage you to read the fanfiction.


There are plenty of characters who appear in the Alterverse. To keep a short list, only the major character/s of each story are mentioned, and only fanfics that have reached a certain number of chapters will be taken into account. They are, in order of appearance:

  • Baluar and Nia: twin God Eaters, half Aragami by core absorption. Protagonists of God Eater: Outbreak, by Baluar.
  • Ken: prototype 2nd generation God Eater. Protagonist of Ken's nameless fanfiction.
  • Arthur: God Eater, half Aragami by birth. Protagonist of Memories of the Forgotten, by Vaince321.
  • Daniel: God Eater, unremarkable, highly apathetic and arrogant. Protagonist of untitled spin-off, by Baluar.
  • Beoblade: God Eater, vessel of an unknown power. Protagonist of God Eater: The Last Overdrive, by BeoBlade.
  • Nanako: former engineer, God Eater, skilled detective. Protagonist of several stories written by Seieireppa.
  • Sigma: mysterious part Aragami entity. Major character of a multitude of stories written by Seieireppa.
  • Blake: God Eater from the distant future, last hope of the humanity. Protagonist of God Eater: Faded Memories, by Wifall.
  • Idenn: young woman, God Eater, without any memories. Protagonist of the largest Alterverse project, God Eater:Universitas, written by Seieireppa, chosen best writer of the wiki.
  • Will: Protagonist of God Eater: Reverie for a Dying Star. Is the last human remaining on Earth, in the year 2183. Became a God Eater after witnessing the death of his father. His ultimate fate is unknown, but Reverie will tie into God Eater: Universitas.
  • 'C': A greedy information broker with a multitude of aliases. She has a "price for everything". Apparently she is a victim of a highly advanced Oracle Cell infection she is also an enlisted God Eater...though no one knows how does that work out, or what is she exactly capable of. Plays an important role in God Eater: Next, by Roinelll
  • Cross: Experienced God Eater, one of the 400 persons alive in God Eater: Onslaught, Written by BeoBlade
  • Lina: Young lady, Unit leader from God Eater: Fall of the Heavens, written by Baluar


Original Timeline (God Eater Alterverse)

  • The Aragami appears in 2050, and that's the starting point of Axel's, as a Magatsu Kyuubi kills his beloved one in Paris. Now Axel tries to find that same Magatsu Kyuubi for years, no matter what it takes.
  • Leon's history happens around the end of 2070 - beginning of 2071, telling the history of an ace God Eater called Leon Blizzard.
  • Warden-Cypher's fanfic starts at 2071, telling the God Eater Burst history but seeing Warden's character thoughts on it.
  • Kaizawaraiko's fanfic tells the history of a bold God Eater called Yuka, as she kill Aragamis and makes a big sacrifice around 2072.
  • BeoBlade's fanfic start at 2074, in the time of GE2. Arthur's 2 season happens in the same time the start of Beo's fanfic start, it is needed to read Art's cameo of Beo to understand some stuff in the end of The Last Overdrive arc. Souichi's history also happen in this year.
  • 2082 is where Baluar's fanfic is currently, telling the history of the twin brothers Bal and Nia.
  • In 2125 the Great Fall of humanity happens, almost all humanity died and this man, Blake, is now the last human on the world. But after a day, against an Hannibal, he will discover the untold truth.

Other Timelines

  • A fierce duel between Thomas and Matt, the two brothers that need to decide their own fate in this Riding Duel. This is an universe that the Aragamis are actually Yu-Gi-Oh! Cards.
  • Roinelll's fanfic centers around a group or researchers and God Eaters, in 2072. This is an alternate universe and some characters have different behaviors.
  • A girl that lost it's memory after going back to the past to save the world against the boundary Aragamis in 2081. Idennn created a taskforce to repel this threat. This world is an different universe and some characters might change their behaviors
  • Baluar's fanfic have an other Timeline, one that he needs to kill Nia. This history briefly appears per month, telling the history of how Bal survive without his beloved twin. The cameos dissapeared at this point.
  • Another of Baluar's alternate timelines is God Eater: Fall of the Heavens, in which the story of the fall of South America Branch is told. The protagonist is a God Eater resentful from Fenrir named Lina.
  • As Blake on the GE Alterverse, this man, Williard Knox is the last human alive on the alternate timeline. He makes records of his life as he fights for the last time with a few humans.
  • 102048 is the year of Freedom Wars X God Eater, telling the history of Ashely Gremore, the last person on it's Unit. Telling the history of Aragamis.

Horizon Ability

In GE: Universitas, Ken have an ability to create a new version of the history, rewind the time, so to speak. But there one more person that also have this power.

  • Ken already saved someone's life on GE:U using this ability, the new version of the history continues in GE:U.
  • Even Williard Knox being the last human on earth, it is shown that hundred years later, the humanity have killed all the Aragamis and is in it's Golden Age. That can probably be by Will's or other persons Horizon ability.


Even everyone being a fan of God Eater, there are other histories that catch each other interests as well. Some Fanfic Writers got stories uniting 2 different Franchises

YGO x GE: May Exodia be with you - Written by BeoBlade: A duel between two brothers, Matt and Thomas. Yu-Gi-Oh! duel with all-new Aragami cards. After this chapter, there was a duel between Thomas & Leon VS Roi.

FW x GE: Happy Birthday to me - Written by Nemesisdevil98: History about the last person alive on the unit, telling the tales of Aragamis.

Toaru [Kagaku] No Goddo [Itta]: Written by Call me Ken or Accel: History about an God Eater that woke in a mysterious world, in a place that should be Tokyo.

Advice on fanfiction

So, you've been wanting to write fanfiction for a while, but you seem to be at an impasse. You can check a few user-made blogs on how to write fanfiction. They are the following:

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