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Aragami Information
Corrosive Hannibal is a sub-species of Hannibal that first appeared in God Eater Burst.

The Corrosive Hannibal greatly resembles the standard strain of Hannibal, having the general shape of a wingless dragon with an armor-like bracer in one of its arms, and a large scale in its back that releases large amounts of fire if broken. However, the Corrosive subspecies differs itself from the original Hannibal in that it is "mirrored"; instead of possessing the bracer in the left arm, it has it in the right one; and more obviously they differ in their color schemes: rather than light grey and orange, the Corrosive variant is a dark shade of grey with red, yellow and purpledetails. Aditionally, the Corrosive Hannibal shows control over dark purple flames.

Norn Database
The following information is taken from the offical in-game descriptions of the Aragami found in the NORN Terminal's database.
God Eater Resurrection
A dark Hannibal, which appeared as a post manifestation of the Oracle cell invasion of Corporal Amamiya. Several of the same species have been sighted near the Far East Branch; however, the relationship with the individual mentioned is still under investigation.

This info is restricted to the Far East Branch.

ATK Element : Divine

Weaknesses : Freeze, Spark, Divine

God Eater 2 Rage Burst
A black Hannibal seen only at the Far East Branch. The truth is unknown, but is theorized that this species was born from mutated Oracle Cells of an Infected God Eater. Few in number but stronger than typical Aragami. Can control black flames

The basic techniques for eliminating it are the same as the normal Aragami, but beware its rotating, reflective body parts.

ATK Element: Divine

Weaknesses: Freeze, Spark, Divine

Additional Information
  • This is the only subspecies of Aragami to ever become a final boss, specifically of the Burst storyline of God Eater.

Story The Corrosive Hannibal is first sighted by the Defense Unit in the Sunken Grid, where it quickly gets rid of two Kongou attacking them. Afterwards, it attacks Tatsumi O'Mori, quickly defeating him. As the 2nd Unit is about to retreat, however, the Protagonist arrives and blocks its next attack, causing a strange resonance in which it is revealed that the Corrosive Hannibal is actually Lindow Amamiya's Aragami form. The Hannibal leaves quickly after the resonance is over.

After that revelation, the Protagonist goes to fight the Corrosive Hannibal alone, taking Lindow's God Arc with them to kill Lindow. However, after defeating the Hannibal, the Protagonist is unable to kill him, and instead enters a strange Resonance with Lindow's mind, where it manages to strengthen his consciousness in order to allow him fight a final battle against the Aragami.

The Hannibal is eventually defeated when Ren sacrifices himself after revealing he's Lindow's God Arc. This allows Lindow to retake control of himself, albeit with his right arm permanently morphed into a monstrous state.

The Corrosive Hannibal sightings continued after these events; however, their relation to the original one is unknown.

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