Deusphages are a type of variation that some Aragami subspecies present to their original species, just like Fallen species. Most of the Deusphage species either use the Divine element or are weak to it (or both at the same time), and all of them are named after gods of either Greek or Japanese mythologies. Deusphage species are divided into two types, named Type 1 and Type 2: Type 1 Deusphages are named after Japanese gods, while Type 2 Deusphages are named after Greek gods.

This is a comprehensive list of the Deusphages and their original species for comparison purposes.

Type 1 Deusphages


Name Material Name Elemental Weakness Breakable Parts
Borg Camlann Knt Freeze/Spark Shield, Front Leg & Tail
Susano'o Prince Divine God Arc (Pincers), Mouth & Blade (Stinger)


Name Material Name Elemental Weakness Breakable Parts
Ouroboros Chaotic Divine>Blaze/Freeze Horn, Eyes & Legs
Amaterasu Regina's Spark Horn, Goddess & Tentacle


Name Material Name Elemental Weakness Breakable Parts
Arda Nova Helios (Goddess) / Selene (God) Goddess: Blaze/Freeze/Spark/Divine
God: None
Halo, Hair, Leg Armor & God
Tsukuyomi Elder Spark Moon Halo, Hair & Arm Armor

Type 2 Deusphages


Name Material Name Elemental Weakness Breakable Parts
Chi-You Avian Blaze/Freeze Head, Arm Wings & Lower Body
Hera Gaia Freeze Head, Arm Wings & Fist


Name Material Name Elemental Weakness Breakable Parts
Quadriga King Freeze/Divine Exhaust (Headpieces), Front Armor & Missile Pod
Poseidon Triton Divine Helm, Front Armor & Missile Pod


Name Material Name Elemental Weakness Breakable Parts
Sariel Goddess Blaze/Freeze/Spark Head, Skirt & Legs
Zeus Uranus Divine Head, Skirt & Tail


  • Deusphage is an amalgamation (a combination) of words from different cultures. "Deus" means God in Latin, while "phagein" means "to devour" in Greek. In the literal sense, Deusphage is "to devour a god", or, in a simpler term, a "God Devourer". According to Norn Database, they are God Eater Devourers. As God Eaters play the role of the hunters against the Aragami, Deusphages play the role of the hunters against the God Eaters themselves, so, to sum it up, they are extreme "evolutions" of normal Aragami that happen in order to counteract the actions of the God Eaters.
  • While Type 1 Deusphages have differences when compared to their non-Deusphage counterpart, Type 2 Deusphages are simply recolored versions of a certain Aragami's variation (e.g. a Zeus is simply a recolored Aether). Their materials are used to craft collaboration content exclusive to God Eater Burst, and therefore Type 2 Deusphages do not appear in any of the other God Eater games.
  • Both versions of Dyaus Pita, as well as Venus, break the naming conventions of the Type 1 Deusphages.
  • Venus is currently the only Deusphage without a base form, instead incorporating aspects of multiple lesser Aragami types, being noted as a "Composite Type 1 Deusphage".
  • Multiple Aragami have been stated to be Deusphages on at least one occasion, either within mission descriptions or their own NORN database pages, without being assigned a specific type in both God Eater Resurrection and God Eater 2 Rage Burst. To date this includes Aether, Caligula, Sekhmet, Tezcatlipoca, and Vajratail. Aether, Sekhmet, and Tezcatlipoca may have inherited the title from their Type 2 recolors, while Caligula and Vajratail adhere to physical alterations and additional attacks rule over their base forms.
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