Dr. Daigo Oguruma is a minor antagonist in God Eater Burst, God Eater Resurrection and God Eater (Anime) .


Alisa's doctor since her days at the Russia Branch who was also transferred with her to Fenrir Far East Branch. He brainwashed her into attacking Lindow during the mission "Moon in the Welkin", under the orders of Director Schiksal. This causes Alisa to enter a mental breakdown until the Protagonist saved her through the use of resonance, a unique occurance caused by close contact with 2nd Generation New-Type God Eaters. He also appears to try and brainwash Alisa again when Sakuya Tachibana tried to sneak in into Aegis Island but ultimately failed. He vanished mysteriously after the plot when the Ark Project was revealed, his current whereabouts being unknown.


Daigo Oguruma (50)
A Fenrir physician and engineer.

Alisa's primary doctor since her days at the Russia Branch as well as an expert on the relatively rare New-Type Gods Eaters.

Daigo Oguruma: 2 (50)
A former Fenrir physician and engineer.

Alisa's primary doctor, he conducted regular therapy sessions for her mental health, during which he was hypnotizing her to attack Lindow.

Was involved in the Ark Project led by former Director Schicksal, but vanished mysteriously after their plot was revealed.

The Far East Branch has requested each branch to search for him, but has so far come up empty.


At first, Dr. Daigo Oguruma appears to be tranquil and calm. However, when he is shown aiding the Ark Project, he is depicted as a ruthless man.


Oguruma sports a grey hair, while using lenses alongside a medical outift that utilizes a long coat that falls well below his knees. He is always seen with a cigarette in his mouth.

Character Relationships

  • Director Shicksal: He acted under his command for the most part of God Eater's storyline.
  • Alisa Amiella: While he was her medic at first, he brainwashed her into thinking Lindow was her enemy during the "Moon in the Welkin" mission so that she could kill him. While she didn't shoot him, he went MIA until long after the Ark Project was revealed and defeated.


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