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Dromi is a bipedal Ash Aragami that possesses 3 heads that appear to cross between a dinosaur and a crocodile and whispy purple hair the extends on its back. Dromi uses quick slam attacks and ice like projectiles that can damage a whole team. Dromi's heads appear to have been tied shut with a tape like rope that closes his 2 smaller heads. When Dromi devours, its middle and main head opens wide as it sprints towards a player at high speeds, if a player comes in contact with its mouth, he will enter burst state causing the tape on his smaller heads to turn into golden chains causing his moves to be enhanced.
NORN Database
The following information can also be found via descriptions of the Aragami found in the game's database.
God Eater 3

A bipedal Ash Aragami with a vast, gaping maw and a huge gun-like organ, it resembles a mutant dinosaur. Encountered near the Level 3 Restricted Ash Zone: Old City.

From its voracious appetite and tendency to doggedly pursue AGEs, it has earned the nickname "AGE Eater." Luckily, it is a lumbering beast, making a gun an effective counter. Oddly it often mistakes healing orbs and pillars as food, rushing to any it sees. Do be wary of its chilly attacks that inflict Leak though.

-Summary of Activated Abilities/Devour Attacks
Firstly, its attacks grow far more powerful. It will also let out a defeaning roar, open its mouth wide, and pursue a chosen target in an attempt to devour them. Reports state that dodging in an arc is an effective way to evade this. After Bursting, its gun changes form and makes it appear as if it has three heads.

Breakable Bonds: Head/Legs/Tail
Note: With exceptions, all information on this Aragami is highly classified.

ATK Element : Freeze

Weaknesses : Spark

Additional Information

Music Theme

  • Devil's Gaze


  • The name "Dromi" comes from one of the three fetters the gods prepared for Fenrir to test his strength in the Norse Mythology.
  • Dromi’s alternate names are “The AGE Eater” and “The Insatiable”
  • Dromi is one of the two Ashborns that don't have a weakspot in their normal mode, the other Ashborn being Ra.
  • Dromi is the only Ashborn whose defensive values change completely when in burst mode. Instead of just revealing it's core, all of it's body becomes significantly more armoured.
  • Out of all the Ashborns, Dromi has the longest devour attack.
  • Dromi is the Ashborn with the least variants as of now, having 2 in total. The other Ashborns have 3 total variants.

For battle information check the Advanced Information page.


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