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The Dyaus Pita (God Eater Resurrection) is an Aragami introduced in said game, a variant of the existing Dyaus Pita. It is Resurrection's flagship Aragami and replaces the other variant in all but a single encounter. Makes a return in God Eater 3 during the higher difficulty missions, although there it looks very much like the original counterpart with its coloring.

Norn Database

The following information can also be found via descriptions of the Aragami found in the NORN Terminal's database.

God Eater Resurrection

This Vajra-class Divine Type 1 Deusphage Aragami was first confirmed by the Far East Branch during the mission "Moon in the Welkin". Has a jet black body and a human face with a cruel expression.

It conceals wing-like limbs under its cloak that it reveals when threatened and uses to unleash a devastating amount of energy.

ATK Elements: Spark, Divine
Weaknesses: Divine

God Eater 3

A large Aragami with a jet black body and a human face with a cruel expression. Like the Vajra, it uses its great agility to toy with its prey and can release a powerful electric shock from its "cape", an organ on its back. It also conceals wing-like limbs under this cape that it reveals when threatened. This unleashes a devastating amount of energy and turns the already dangerous creature even more ferocious.

ATK Element: Divine
Weaknesses: Divine

Additional Information


  • It is similar in appearance to the original Dyaus Pita, but it has its differences: it is gray in color instead of black, it possesses a modified facial structure, and sinister skeletal wings sprout from its back, replacing its usual "cape."


  • In God Eater Resurrection it will transform after losing a quarter of its HP, it will be recognizable by the red circle appearing along with that the cape will shrink and its pair of bladed wings will grow. During this sequence the resistances for the Dyaus Pita will be raised significantly, easily cutting damage down to a tenth even on the weak points. This will last a few seconds after it will roar, signaling that the change finalized.
  • The transformation happens in God Eater 3 after it has been brought down to at least 30% of its remaining life. However, it is possible to inflict much more damage on it, so that it will die in just about a few good hits after transformation.
  • Many of its moves consist of multiple stages (like the Chrome Gawain and its variant), so it is advisable to stay on guard even after it finishes its initial attack.
  • Its attack repertoire consists of dashing slashes, periodic bursts of lightning around it, lightning bolts thrown from above, and a double spin accompanied by lightning in a wide radius, in addition to the original Dyaus Pita's attacks.
  • When it transforms it becomes immune to Hold.


  • This Aragami also appears in the Anime series since the fifth episode, where it kills a herd of Vajras before defeating the God Eaters on that mission (Lenka, Alisa, Sakuya and Kota), grievously wounding Lenka and destroying his God Arc, and slaughtering civilians who happened to be nearby. The monster does this all the while showing some degree of intelligence by targeting the largest threats first. After the episode, the Aragami becomes a recurrent encounter for the God Eaters of the Far East Branch.
  • While this version of the Dyaus Pita has arguably stronger and faster attacks than the original one, its defense values seem to be lower.
  • This version is classified as a Type-1 Deusphage.
  • Despite being a flagship Aragami in God Eater Resurrection, Dyaus Pita doesn't make an appearance in the game's opening.

For battle information check the Advanced Information page.


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