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  • Lightning Strike: An electric discharge starts to gather on the ground and erupts after a few seconds.
  • Swipe: A quick swipe with the right foot, while it does not cover a great area it is surprisingly fast.
  • Aerial Flip: Runs towards target before jumping over them and turning towards their direction in midair before landing.
  • Lightning Shock: Roars before entrenching itself, then summons a lightning field around its body in defense.
  • Backstep: Performs a quick backflip and emits a Lightning Strike at the top of the jump. It will then roar in challenge once landing. After transformation, a Red Lightning is used before performing the Backstep.
  • Triple Lightning: Shoots a salvo of 3 quick Lightning orbs at a target.
  • Transformation: Harderns the body during the process, cutting damage down to a mere 10% while it lasts. Envelops the body in a red lightning, while the cape transforms into a set of wings and the overall defense of the body drops drastically, while agility and damage increases.
  • Wing Pincer: Strikes at target with both wings simultenously.
  • Wing Slap: A quick slash at the front with the left wing.
  • Wing Spin: After a short charge time, perform two spins with extended wings and moves forwards slightly.
  • Red Lightning: An enhanced Lightning Strike, it is stronger and performs a second strike after the first one.
  • Wing Charge: Performs a charge forward with the left wing, then aims at a nearby target and rushes forward with the right wing for the follow-up. It will finish this attack after aiming with both of the wings used as a pincer.
  • Ball Lightning: Summons 6 balls of energy rotating around itself for a short while. After a few rounds, they stop in front of it and they are launched forward
  • Wing Swipe: Raises the right wing and empowers it before doing a powerful swiping motion. This can be repeated a number of times.

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