Edger K. Rogers is one of the main characters in God Eater: Return of the Messiah. He is a New-Type God Eater in Fenrir America Branch.


Edger was orphaned at a young age in San Francisco as his parents were killed by Aragami. He later became a God Eater and captain of the Alpha Team in America. In the Alpha team, he does not mind Silva Orcride's constant delinquency as long as the behavior does not affect the team's performance.

At the end of the manga, Edger takes over as Director of the American Branch after the former Director retires his position.


Edger has a serious demeanor, is analytic of situations, and cares for his colleagues despite his strict persona.


Character Relationships


  • Edger is the first character in the God Eater series to be shown using a Charge Spear God Arc, long before it was revealed as a gameplay option in God Eater 2.
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