Emil von Strasbourg is a character in God Eater 2. He is a God Eater in the 1st Unit alongside Erina der Vogelweid.


He hails from an elite familly. Erina has been shown get into one-sided straightman arguments with Emil having no realized result due to Emil's strong and overbearing personality.


Emil 1

Joined the Fenrir German Branch in 2073.

Transferred to the Fenrir Far East Branch in 2074.

Born: April 23, Height: 173cm

A young God Eater assigned to the Far East 1st Unit. His abilities are passing, but his dedication to "Chivalry" (???) means that he will never give up. Though he never retreats, he fails quite often. The first Boost Hammer wielder in the Far East

God Arc: 2nd-Generation Boost Hammer/Blast Gun


Emil sees things in a honorable and knightly manner. He holds no animosity towards anyone and treats battles against Aragami with knightly pride. His personality is perhaps a result of his elite upbringing. He lacks general manner of common socialization and as a result is viewed as an ignorant idiot. It would be safe to describe interaction with him as a "boke" while everyone else are "tsukkomi".


Character Relationships

  • Eric der Vogelweid - They were acquaintances and close friends at the aristocrat German school, and Emil treats Erina as a younger sister in respect of this.
  • Erina der Vogelweid - His ally in the 1st Unit. While he treats her as a younger sister, Erina doesn't get along with him.
  • Kota Fujiki - His superior captain at the 1st Unit.


  • He addresses his God Arc by the nickname of Polarstern; a name of German origin meaning Pole Star.
  • He uses the "Blaze Heart" Blood Art.
  • He will use traps when his respective Character Episode is complete.
  • Humorously, many selectable actions involving Emil are to reject his conversations or to punch him (at his request). Conversations in his Character Episodes have much humor elements with the Protagonist being able to retort at Emil's irregular behavior.

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