Erina der Vogelweid was first introduced in God Eater Burst as a child, she is the younger sister of Eric der Vogelweid. She and her brother come from a wealthy family. Near the conclusion of the game, having gotten over her brother's death, she informs the player that she wants to become a God Eater, but asks The Protagonist to keep it a secret from her father. Her goal was realized in God Eater 2.

Additional Information

  • Although she was shown in TGS footage using an Assault Gun, she uses a Shotgun in the demo. This is evident from the Aragami Bullet she receives from Garm (Aragami Bullets conform to the gun-type of the recipient in GE2).
  • Like her brother, she has the Wrath of Revenge skill.
  • She addresses her God Arc by the name of Oscar.
  • Erina is the youngest God Eater to date.


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