The Fallen Barbarius is a magmatic Fallen version of the Medium Sized Aragami introduced in God Eater 3. It features three massive drills on the left arm which it can use to burrow in the ground and attack from underneath, or to break the ground apart and unleash a barrage of broken ground at its opponent.


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God Eater 3

A fiery Fallen Barbarius that can melt everything around it in mere moments.

Its hide is tough to pierce, as it is thick enough to withstand the blistering heat this Aragami can emit. A Fallen Barbarius is also quite active underground: it quickly burrows behind its prey, then leaps out, breathing flames.

Break the bonds on its drill with crushing bullets to stop it from employing its subterranean tactics and give you the advantage instead.

-Summary of Activated Abilities
The drill on its left arm is enveloped in blistering heat, greatly increasing its attack power.

Breakable Bonds: Head/Drill/Tail

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