Fallen Borg Camlann (Blaze) is a Large sized scorpion-like Aragami and blaze variant of Borg Camlann first introduced in God Eater.

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God Eater Burst

A fallen Borg Camlann, glowing red with heat. Its core can generate heat intense enough to melt metal: it can emit flames from the protuberance near its head, and the tip of its stinger. Its origins are unclear, but its said to inhabit magma. The flames emitted from the tip of its stinger give it a greater range of attack. In order to inflict damage efficiently, one will also need to be a precise shooter.

God Eater 2 Rage Burst/Resurrection

A Fallen Borg Camlann that emits heat and glows red. Its core can melt metal, and it c an shoot fire from the tip of its tail and a horn on its head. It reportedly appeared from magma, though its true origins are unknown.

The ability to shoot fire gives it a wide range of attacks, demanding a wide berth. Deal damage with accurate shots.

ATK Element : Blaze

Weaknesses : Freeze

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