Fallen Cocoon Maidens (Blaze) are small, fallen versions of standard Cocoon Maidens which can produce heat-based attacks.

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God Eater Burst

Often sighted underground where magma flows. Its internal organs have a higher level of heat resistance than a standard Cocoon Maiden. It will inhale magma and then fire it at its enemies.

Shares the same basic characteristics of a Cocoon Maiden, but its frontal-attack, poisonous needle, can debilitate one's defensive powers. Be vigilant when it appears along with other Aragami.

God Eater 2 Rage Burst/Resurrection

Primarily found in the steamy regions surrounding open magma, this Cocoon Maiden has an incredible resistance to heat. By sucking magma up through its body, it can expel it to attack foes. Although similar to regular Cocoon Maidens, its poisonous spikes have the ability to lower defense. It can be particularly dangerous when paired with other Aragami.

ATK Element : Blaze
Weaknesses : Freeze, Spark

Additional Information

  • The Cocoon Maiden species are one of the two immobile Aragami in the God Eater series, the other being Night Hollow. Cocoon Maidens are believed to move by tunneling underground.
  • This is one of the few Aragami in the God Eater series that can inflict its enemies with the Defense Down and Jamming status effect.

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