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|prefix = Wyrm
|prefix = Wyrm
|origin = Central Eurasia
|origin = Central Eurasia
|unbound = Cannon (Horn), Dorsal Fin, Tail
|unbound = Cannon, Back Fin & Tail Fin
|attribute = Blaze
|attribute = Blaze
|weakpoint = Jaw, Dorsal Fin
|weakpoint = Cannon
|weakness = Freeze}}
|weakness = Freeze}}

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Fallen Gboro-Gboro (Blaze)
Item Prefix: Wyrm
Origin: Central Eurasia
Breakable Parts: Cannon, Back Fin & Tail Fin
Attribute: Blaze
Weak Point: Cannon
Elemental Weakness: Freeze
Elemental Resistance: {{{resistance}}}
HeadingBRelated Species

A fallen Gboro-Gboro inhabiting the desert. Can convert internally sted magma into fireballs, which it launches from a turret. Unlike the standard Fallen Gboro-Gboro, it can swim in magma. First Appeared in central Eurasia.

Scorching fog from the turret on its forehead has a wide attack range, so you will suffer a serious decrease in attack power if struck. Fireballs shot from the front will explode on impact.

HeadingBAdditional Information

Despite its description saying it can swim in lava, the game code allows all Gboro-Gboro to swim in appropriate transition areas, even though you may only see this version swim in lava.

HeadingBAragami Bullets
Name Description
3-Way Fire Shoots three fireballs in different directions.
Rapid Flame Shoots three fireballs in one direction, one after the other.
Blast Flame Shoots a fireball with an awkward travel pattern (straight up a short distance then faces the enemy.)


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